lördag 29 augusti 2009

No ballet

I had a look at yet another appartment today, it's turning out to be a fast game this. But today was a great day, the place was just perfect for me. Now I'm trying not to put too much hope on this as I don't have an answer yet. But it seems positive. But I'm not going to hope. But... *sigh*
Tonight our plan was to go see the Royal Ballet perform in Vitabergsparken but it was more than full when we got there and we couldn't see anything. So we left. We had Tiramisu in a vegan place at Katarina Bangata instead. Some last hangout with B, who is moving to Germany on Monday, I'll miss her.

torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Are we? Not convinced, but she sure makes you think.

Summer concert tonight

After work I'm off to Vitabergsparken for an outdoor concert with Sofia Karlsson. I was worried that it would rain, like it did all day yesterday, but the sun is shining brighter than in days. It's perfect and it's gonna be awesome! Yay for summer!

onsdag 26 augusti 2009

True, 'cause I said so

Today Swedish television starts showing the TV series True Blood and the hype is complete. OLD NEWS. One year ago I saw the whole first season and when I was all excited about it, telling my friends how great it is, nobody knew it, nobody really cared. *Sigh* Here it is: Didn't I say so! Season two is possibly even better and a couple of nights a week my life spins around Sookie Stackhouse and her vampires. And by the way, if you are vampire or just enjoy drinking artificial blood, here's the website where you get Tru Blood.

måndag 24 augusti 2009

No more vacation

My vacation, it was great. Relaxing for one but altogether so much better than I had hoped for (not being sure what I had hoped for). It wasn't planned all through so there was room for surprise. Sweden is great y'all!

Now back in the city and my search for an appartment is more aggressive than ever. I went to see 2 this week and I'm afraid I won't be moving into either of them. No, its not because I was I wasn't chosen (why wouldn't I be), I actually got them both. So why am I not moving? First, I got it, next day I was without it again as the brother was staying there after all. Second, I got it and turned it down, too expensive for such low standard. It still feels like the right decision.

lördag 22 augusti 2009


Ok, the video obvously isn't the original but this was the only one I could find for the song that I wanted - Marit Bergman "You can't help me now"!

tisdag 18 augusti 2009

First look

I went to see an appartment today. Yep, first one. Was really OK, not the place of my dreams but it's an OK appartment and it is specially just that, an appartment. Possibly for me. The very nice girl who's renting it (great resemblance to Barbie) will let me know tomorrow, when she's had more people over to look, if I get it. I guess I'm hoping to get it. Yes, yes I DO hope. I need to get over my stupid demands. This place could be real cool when I've given it my touch. Yay, I might have my own place soon :) (but still not hoping too much. Just that.).

måndag 17 augusti 2009

Yeah, how was your day then!

First day of work and I'm still going strong ;) I wasn't so sure, but high season is coming to an end and it's not as crazy anymore. Finally. Maybe now my stomach can have a break. Though that problem is probably mostly caused by my heavy intake of coffee.

Part of my family is on Crete, Greece. Not something I think about alot, or even little, not a bit, doesn't cross my mind... Well, maybe it has. My finger is swollen and my toenails need new nailpolish (dark purple, white or more bright pink?), I have more things to think about than is legally healthy and right now I'm watching an old supposedly romantic (OK, it works) comedy.

fredag 14 augusti 2009

I'm going back to reality

Vacation's almost over. I've had a very relaxing time and that's just what I needed. Still I've been a bit stressed. No reason to get into that. Tomorrow I'm going back to Stockholm and reality. I'm planning on enjoyin the rest of the hopefully still warm summer and I hope my friends will do it with me. If not I'll force them, summer is not over yet! So, see you back in da city!