lördag 31 januari 2009

Like two peas in a pod

Our chinese girl of the dorm has gone on a "Gossip Girl" spree. She watches enormous amounts of episodes. And now she has got the idea that she thinks I look like Blake Lively... She said it more than once and today she said "Oh my god, every time I see you I think you look more and more like that girl in Gossip Girl!" Can't say I see it myself, but better than being compared with someone ugly. Do you see it?

Who you trying to impress little man?

I...am...high... We have an over perfuming boy in the dorm and the WHOLE dorm smells like man, and not in a good way. I got high just from walking from the kitchen to my room.

Soñar en Español

I dreamt in Spanish last night! How cool is that?! Icecold!

torsdag 29 januari 2009


Days off are not always that good. I find myself a bit stressed not having anything to do. There is always something to do, right?? Well what I do on days like this one is I look for jobs, buy those ridiculously expensive must haves (no, not shopping, life depending goods), go to the gym, eat, clean, do the laundry... Sounds like fun?

Last night me and D had dinner together, indian chicken and rice, very good I might add. His idea, my cooking. Yeah I'm gonna take credit for that since I might be one of the worst cooks ever. Tomorrow I'm invited to a potluck dinner but I'm still undecided on whether to go or not. They are usually nice though. And on Saturday me and L are having dinner out to celebrate her birthday (and my last one a little ;) ) and then probably shake our booties somewhere.

But now, I'm having lunch and nothing else. Hungry!

måndag 26 januari 2009

Too little yumm

OK listen to this! We are having Surströmming for dinner tonight. :O

Yeah, a guy in my dorm announced in the kitchen that he bought a can for everyone to "try" it. Ha! I love it! I think one can is not enough! Looks like I have to shape this dinner up.

UPDATE: It was delicious, I am so lucky to get to eat so good so often. The few brave ones that tried it liked it too but I had to instruct them how to and with what, I was happy to help ;)

söndag 25 januari 2009


Oh what a heavenly day! I just love weekends and I have a feeling that I'm starting to appreciate them more now that I work more. I have a big hangover from indian food haha, the dinner was awesome like I knew it would be. I just love indian food and to have it made by real indian people, at home, is just the best. They are all guys and they claim to not be good cooks but oh my word, it was delicious. If that is not good cooking I can just dream of how their mothers cook! But it is as you know spicy food and my stomach is acting a bit funky today. And in a bit I'm paying the gym a visit. Well needed after that dinner last night.
The perfect Sunday music must be Nat King Cole. He's been a favourite of mine since like 15 years, when I discovered this song on the soundtrack of one of my all time favourite movies. A man with a voice that cannot be described in words and with a numerous amout of classics to sooth your heart, ahhhhh...
One of my all time favourites ever since. Enjoy.

lördag 24 januari 2009

Made of honor

Last night I needed a dose of chicflic. Admit it, we all do sometimes. They are usually stupid or at least simple, but that is the charm of them, you get romance without having to think.

This time I got it from "Made of honor" starring Patrick Dempsey. It gave me what I wanted and now I don't need it anymore. Purely platonic.

Indian for me

I did it. I went to the gym. Not a big deal maybe. But after having slept in and then be there to work off calories before 15:00, when they close on Saturdays, I felt pretty good about myself. I get to reward myself tonight. Coming up - authentic indian dinner!

torsdag 22 januari 2009


Two dinner invitations. Same night. Am I lucky or unfortunate?

Time off

I just sent off something big. I hope a lighter version comes back, I really do. But this gives me some time off today, what to do, what to do?

My muscles all ache from last night's gym session and the snow pours down outside my window. Don't really feel like going out. At five I'm meeting K for a coffee and lots of catching up. She just started her internship here in the capital and I'm so excited to have her closer now for a while.

I think I'll just enjoy having time for myself and only myself. I can hear the teapot calling and my book, oh... my book! It's settled then.

onsdag 21 januari 2009

Catch me

This gym thing is killing me slowly. I am knocked out. Now, falling, down...look!

Go hug a person

Today is the "Hugging day", someone said. So I guess this is the perfect opportunity to ask for a hug :)

tisdag 20 januari 2009


My life consists of work work and more work. But wait, wasn't that what I wished for? Yes it was, still is and will be until I find the RIGHT job.

Not complaining. OK a little.

måndag 19 januari 2009

Best mail ever

I got the best good morning-present today. In my mailbox was a letter from my 7 year old niece with a small jigsaw puzzle and when I had put it together there was a picture on the front, but the back was the best - it said "You are great".

They sure know how to melt my heart those little ones!

The City

And just when you think you're cured from this "The Hills" disease, they turn up with a new drug...

söndag 18 januari 2009

A nerd I am

Yesterday I went secondhand shopping, to find some nice pieces cheap. But, I didn't find much, I tried a long jacket and thought about the possibilities to redesign it myself but gave up after realizing that there wasn't much to do about it. And that I'm not that great at sewing. The last section I cheked was the litterature section. And bingo. I found two dictionaries that are now all mine :) One German-German biggie with more than I'll ever learn and one rather new Spanish-Swedish, my old one pretty much sucks, it's very thin.

This was a treasure to find for a language nerd like myself and to such a small amount (45 and 65 SEK)! Do you people know how much a decent dictionary costs nowadays? Alot! In fact the newest edition of the German dicitonary I bought costs around 480 Swedish crowns, about 48 Euros! So, as you can see I made a great deal. I'm already using the spanish one while watching a (spanish, duh!) movie :)


Chasing liberty - is that what I'm doing?

Today is Sunday

Cleaning day. I did it all, even the bathroom. Yay for me. But I had the best morning, watching series in bed and then a peek at my niece over Skype webcam! I wanna go to the gym later but should do some more productive stuff before that. On a Sunday afternoon...

H's party last night was a hit. Lots of mingling and fingerfood and nice people of course. The poor thing had been making food all day, but it turned out fantastic so she could be proud. I had not less than 3 delicious cupcakes, yumm! (and gym, here I come...)

Happy birthdaygirl

lördag 17 januari 2009

A happy awakening

Spotify is the shit!!

fredag 16 januari 2009

H and I

Last night me and H dated at Ljunggrens on Södermalm over a glas of wine and talked about aaaaall the things we hadn't talked about over the Christmas break. I got to dress up a little bit for the first time for a long time. Nice!

Tomorrow is H's birthday and there will be a party delux, at least that's what she says ;) And I'm gonna try to get my coworker with me, she needs to get out. I bought H a nice gift today, a pair of really cute Pilgrim earrings. I think she'll like.

torsdag 15 januari 2009

Auntie love

I miss so much!

Concentration or, the lack of it

It just lies there and looks glossy and delicious and with a cover that just screams - read me now! I should have gone to the library, I know I should have...

onsdag 14 januari 2009


My darling mother sent me the camera cable! Thank you! So here's a recap of the girlsnight on Saturday.

B and I having fuuuun cooking ;)


Dessert table

Lars and the real girl

The movie was very different, a very different lovestory. Like nothing I have seen before. But it was really good, I liked. I recommend too. Sweetheart B lended me a memebershipcard to the Stockholm Filmfestival so I could come. Lars and the real girl, see it.

tisdag 13 januari 2009

Work it!

I got myself a moviedate tomorrow. Just that.

Oh oh and I think I fixed that Spotify invite!

måndag 12 januari 2009

I want Sebastien

Sebastien Tellier is playing at Debaser in February and I so wanna go! But it's not real cheap and I'm broke as always... But I want to, I want to, WANT TO.

söndag 11 januari 2009

Good night

I guess this is where I go to bed.

I'm just dying to be legal

Anyone wanna share a Spotify invitation? Pleeeeease.

Great times in great wear

I think the spring might turn out just fabulous.

Pictures: gucci.com

Steppin' forward

I ate too much christmasfood. Too much. For sure. My belly is bigger than usually. Come on I'M A WOMAN. I may complain about those things. There, I said it. So, I'm gonna loose some kilos, is the thought. Step one is initialized - gym. Step 2? Getting there, it concerns eatinghabits.

But I don't feel ugly all through. When I recently changed my profile picture on Facebook I got this comment:


Nah, I'll wait.

That's right!

First gymsession of the year - check!!!

Sundayblues what?

Last night girls night. We cooked, we ate and we watched a movie - hammer combination. I intrduced them to one of my favourite movies, "Before sunrise", love it. And now we can look forward to seeing the second part "Before sunset" :) I was gonna post some pictures but I just realized I left the camera cable at my parent's, so I'll have to wait until it arrives by post.

This day was spent chatting away and drinking lots of coffee with A. It's been way to long since last time and it was great seeing her again. We promised to keep it up better this semester, I hope we can. And K, another of my best friends, is doing an internship here in Stockholm this semester so I'll be getting to see her too much more from now on, I'm so happy!

Now it is really time for me to go get a new membership at the gym, and I will.

Have a great Sunday folks!

fredag 9 januari 2009


Its Fridaynight and I'm staying in! It's me a glass of red, cucumbersticks and a whole lot of "Lipstick Jungle"!

Bitten by the book

Right now I very much dislike the protagonist of the book I'm currently reading, "One for my baby". So I took a look in the pocketbook shop on my way home and holy cow, there are so many books that I would like to read! It's like a freakin' candyshop that place, I believe my mouth was watering. I had to leave. On my list night now are for example


Yay, it's finally here! It has taken a long time to get this movie into the swedish cinemas but now it is here and I will see it!

torsdag 8 januari 2009


I made some black and white pictures in Paris.

A cut it is

As I was in the city earlier I went to get my self an appointment to get my hair cut. It's been way to long, not since September! But I was extremely lucky and they had time for me just 45 minutes later :) So, hair = cut and me = :D

It was my first time at this hairdresser, never been before, but my cousin had and she recommended me to go. I liked my old one, alot, but she highered her prices over the limit of a student lately. But the new one was good too, young, blond and very nice. Just like my cousin had described her. I'll probably go there again, I still need to colour the roots ;)

Taking it on

First studying session of the day done - check.

Now lunch, something fast (like I don't always eat for-non-cooks-food), and then I'm off to a meeting at the joboffice. Uff, don't really feel like it but it has to be done if I wanna be registered and I DO want them to find me THE job. So, off I go.

So long!

onsdag 7 januari 2009

Not moving

I should unpack my bag. I should make dinner cause I guess I'm hungry. I should be. I should read those papers, I should check that date, I should make that call I should...

But I'm just stuck here on my christmasfat arse.

tisdag 6 januari 2009

You are welcome

Remember my motto:

New year - new possibilities!

The day that is today

Last day up north. Later today I take the train back to the big city. Enough to that.

On Sunday we went to have Sushi, yumm! I can't emphazise enough how much I love it and I alos love that a Sushi restautant makes it in this town. Yesterday I saw a drea old friend, one of those that you've known "like forever". It's s good feeling to have those people that you have shared so much with. And we talked and laughed about a bunch of things we have shared hahaha. Old pictures can make your day, hilarious!

Yesterday afernoon me and my sister went spa:ing a bit, sooo relaxing and a perfect ending to these two weeks. Then dinner at her house and some last snuggling witht he baby. They went skiing today and I'm supposed to be studying. I will. And my companion is the Veronica Mars marathon on TV :)

söndag 4 januari 2009

My 2008

2008 was the year when I...

studied alot

cheered for Sweden at the Biathlon Worldchampionship

came back from Barcelona where I spent last year's New Year's

celebrated yet another birthday

spent time with friends

went to the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao

made new great friends

went on a long and awesome trip around Spain


became a pround aunt for the 5th time!

went to Madrid in October

halloweened like a pirate

spent time with my family

went to Gotland

went to Paris

was a tourist in my own city

went to a Babedinner

wnt canoeing in the Stockholm archipelago

went to Cologne
spent Eastern in the cold but beautiful north
spent Christmas with the family.
And what a great year it was!