måndag 30 mars 2009

Almost maybe


On the rush to get some errands done in the city I found that Pocket shop had a 40% off sale (!!!). Obviously I couldn't just ignore this, so I took a peek. And I left with one more book :D . I'm loving the one I read at the moment but I still can't wait to take on the new ones. I'm the biggest bookworm right now and I just can't get enough of soft little pocket versions of great literature.

I got an almost promise from my boss today that I'll be able to be off in the end of May, and that to go to see D in Italy :) Until Wednesday nothing is final but if I can't go then I'll try some weeks after that instead. Yay! D and Italy! It's good that those dark days are mixed with even more bright ones. Life's a rollercoaster.

söndag 29 mars 2009

Volare oh oh!

From tomorrow I start my almost fulltime week, well 75%. Pretty good, it's moving forward. And not long ago I got a raise, a significant one actually and I am satisfied at the moment. Not saying that I'm not still on the hunt. You can never settle. With this my long weekend is bye-bye but so worth it. And what my friends is it that I always do with my money (except the obvious)? I travel! So tonight me and D planned my next one, to visit with her, once more in Italy. Can't wait to see her again!

Yeah that's right

The Twilight saga

The "Twilight" movie got me interested in the huge hype around the whole Twilight saga (four books, Twilight the first) and so decided to give it a go and read them. Said and done, I have already ordered the first one over the net. I definatly wanna read it in original language to get the full experience and I muyst say I'm quite excited. I heard many good things about this series. Hopefully I'll be finished by the fall when the second movie enters the light.

lördag 28 mars 2009

Hannah and her sisters

Last night, as many workday evenings, was movie marathon and one of them was "Hannah and her sisters" by Woody Allen. I loved the 80's setting and the Woody-Allenesque plot, the quick dialogue and the music of course.

Imogen Heap

She always makes great music with her special sound. Here's an old favourite. Enjoy the weekend friends!

torsdag 26 mars 2009

Told ya

Well I'm gonna say it to myself - I told you so. I got a new dress today. Don't ask why, just accept. I have and also the fact that this might not be the last one before I actually leave. I know myself too good. The new one is purple, pretty much the same cut and will work with the same accessories as the blue one. Enough to that. Pictures will be posted shortly.

I had a delicious lunch with B today and after that I walked around in the very warm and bright spring sun. I got so inspired I bought some sandals, real cute, I'll be wearing them in Italy next week. I can't believe it's already next week, I'm so excited and I can't wait to see another, I guess more "real", part of Italy. So far I've only been to Rome which is an amazing place (go there for an unforgettable weekend if you haven't yet!), but it's very touristic and I have learned that you see the more real sides of a country outside of the big cities. Hopefully I'll be travelling soon again. It's been so long now and my mind wanders...

I tried to find some new sunglasses today but it's hard to find a pair that suits me, well that I like. I like these ones on the picture, Ray Ban style. Maybe I can find some knock offs in Italy ;)

tisdag 24 mars 2009

Almost shining

Whopaaa! Another working day is over. And a high tempo one too. Phew! Well, a few months ago I was complaining about not having much to do so... Ah what the heck, I can still complain. Tomorrow med and L are meeting for some after work and have a sleepover at my place. She lives so far out of the city there's no point in going back home late at night. And she works in the city. Problem solved, I have a lovely blue convertible couch. This night was thus spent cleaning up (well needed though) so that my friend will come to a somewhat nice place. My place.

måndag 23 mars 2009

Dress - check!

Click to see larger

OK, today might be the day when I finally found a dress for the wedding. I had almost given up, seriously almost getting tired of running in and out of shops looking for The One (how ever that is possible...). But then, there it was, soft and supercomfortable, a good color and just enough. I didn't see fireworks or anything but I still think this will work. Possibly I'll have a last check around the city before I leave just to make sure I didn't miss something better. But like I said, I'm pretty sure this is it. The shoes and the bag I already had and I found some earrings to match my ring. So, how you like?

Lost in thoughts


There are these times when you feel like a change is needed. I kind of feel like that right now. I was having a soft day but the evening turned everything around. Even though pretty much nothing happened. There are some things that I want and some things I am sick of. Only pure willpower can get you out of that state and so I am determined to make some changes. But I'll need help, everybody does. And a pinch of luck.

söndag 22 mars 2009

Hopes of a brighter future


I think i can slowly say that spring is coming. It's not here, but coming. This is a time of big changes in Sweden. People get happier, people go outside, people dress way too cold just because they wanna skip the big heavy winter garments they've had to carry around for months and months, people worship the sunlight and sit outside wrapped in blankets... We are the the sunworshipping people and we deserve it.

lördag 21 mars 2009


I took the opportunity to sleep in today, as looong as I wanted. Heavenly after those days in Göteborg. Tonight I'm going to my friend's birthday party but today, I'm just relaxing. I need to do some laundry though.

I was sick earlier this week but fortunatly it went down to "only" a cold before and during the trip. I've been sniffing and coughing alot though and I still am. How could I make myself feel better, relaxing.

fredag 20 mars 2009

I was in Göteborg


The last days have been rather hectic. But somehow nice at the same time. I just got back from Göteborg tonight, we slept almost the whole three hours in the train. There was quite alot of working although we had our fun aswell. I'm happy to be back and now I need SLEEP, something I didn't get much of lately. I got some good news and some good goods ;) I can fall asleep happier.

On Wednesday me and K finally got to see "Slumdog millionaire" and to anyone who yet has not seen it - see it.

onsdag 18 mars 2009


I can see the sun shining outside my window. Makes it a whole lot easier to work today :)

tisdag 17 mars 2009

Wish I had some company


This cold has me in it's grip. I'm sick. I was worse when I woke up this morning than last night but as the trooper I am, I still went to work. Well, now I am finally home, stranded on the couch with my knitting project. Man I hope it get's better from here. How can I go to Göteborg on Thursday if not.

Wedding hair


Wedding wedding wedding, I think alot about it. How excited I am to be there, what will happen, what I will wear, what I'm gonna get the happy couple (though I'm pretty sure about that one now), how I'll manage to control my uncontrolable hair...

måndag 16 mars 2009


This movie is a must-see. Interesting about our history and a marvellous Sean Penn.

Busy busy

My throat isn't as bad as I thought it might be today, I've been able to be productive. The weather sucks though and I have no desire to go out, so all my activities are indoors. I think I'm gonna go make myself a big mug of coffee with lots of milk. This week is filled with evening events, like the movies with K, dinner with H, a drink with L, and on Thursday I'm off to Göteborg. I love to keep myself busy. Am I the only one?

söndag 15 mars 2009


I'm not gonna use the word great but I will say good. Mostly because it made me feel like 17 again. A whole book (or more) pressed into one movie, often not so good. But the picture is great and, there's something about the feeling it gives you. The world is on a vampire high at the moment, I welcome it. Don't dismiss this flick because of the teenie mark.

As always the lead girl and boy are rumored to be a thing after the movie. Vanity fair did a photoshoot with the two, adding to the gossip.

Bed calls


I think I'm getting sick :( My throat hurts more and more since this afternoon. I don't wanna get sick. Bad timing, I'm going to Göteborg for a "job-thing" with my colleagues on Thursday-Friday. Feels like everybody but me has been sick lately so I guess I'm up next. Well if I now have to stay in bed for a day of two, the good thing is I have just started a new book.

fredag 13 mars 2009



An old friend called. We haven't spoken for some months, even though we live in the same city! Shame on us. And for no reason. One always thinks time flies by and that you don't have time for this and that. Bull. Well I'm greatful she called because now we have a date arranged. And me and K have plans to go see Slumdog millionaire. I won't be bored for long.

And for anyone who might have misinterpreted the irony in the previous post - no, I'm not trying to look like her! ;)

torsdag 12 mars 2009

Getting there

Today someone who doesn't know about my dieting told me that I got slimmer. I think that made my day.

The cake queen


Well I'm gonna have dinner and nothing else. Basta!

onsdag 11 mars 2009

Media consumption habits

I haven't had dinner at home since Sunday. Making it harder to stick to dieting, but I did it so far, I haven't cheated. Except the galss of lemonade I hade with dinner tonight, without thinking about it. So, it doesn't count. We said goodbye to E tonight, she got a job in Gävle, another city, and she will be moving away already this weekend.

Tomorrow I'm being interviewed. I promised a friend to help out with his thesis and he needed some people to interview about media. Like what my media consumption habits look like. Hmmm, do I really wanna tell him that ;)

tisdag 10 mars 2009

I'm tired


Late dinner with football crazy guys. The food was good and the football better with their fun company. Tomorrow night I have a goodbye party. Fun but also sad.

måndag 9 mars 2009


I'm trying out this LCHF (LowCarbHighFat) diet for the next few weeks before the wedding, as an experiment to see if it really works. I could need to drop some kilos and the wedding is a perfect reason to keep myself on track. Because it's not easy people, not easy. My body is after two days screaming for sugar and sweet things. I let myself have an apple for dessert. Not that I usually have dessert after dinner but at this point my body craves anything sweet. What I wouldn't do for some sweets...



I've just been to the hairdresser... :O I'm so blond now! And I'm loving it.

söndag 8 mars 2009


I spent more time in the gym than usually, just to wait for my friend, and it payed off. I feel so weak in my upper body and arms after all that lifting, pulling and pressing weights. I sure hope I have sore muscles tomorrow, it's like a reciept that you did good. The new issue of Plaza Kvinna awaits, dinner and I think a movie. Sundays are soft and I don't even have to go to work tomorrow.

International women's day

I love being a woman!!

lördag 7 mars 2009

A keeper?

I found a nice dress today that I'm considering for the wedding. I would buy it in dark gray and light gray, not like this one in gray and black. Please let me know what you think, is it a keeper?

A good Saturday

The brunch was long, around 4 hours, as it should be. We ate loads of course and I drank so much coffee that I almost felt sick later in the afternoon. Going from there H and I hit the city center for some serious shopping, my need is high. I came back with an awesome black spring jacket, a simple black skirt that I've been searching for a while, very versatile, and a black little clutch bag, think I'll be able to use it for the wedding too. Need I say I have a smile on my face? :)

fredag 6 mars 2009

Friday chill

After work I met up with K and had an after work drink on Södermalm. Great start on the weekend to chill with a good friend. But after a while we realized that we had had lunch about seven hours ago and that we were real hungry by now. So, we strolled off to that Indian that everyone talks about and had a long and very tasty dinner.

It's Friday night but I think I'll stay in. Tomorrow is brunch with the girls and we'll see what The City brings us in the evening.

Part cowgirl

There will always be a bit of Texas in me. This is one of my favourite country songs. Gives me chills.

A much funnier way to look at fashion feat. Kirsten Dunst

Untitled from Band of Outsiders on Vimeo.

torsdag 5 mars 2009

Amy makes my day

Afternoon is here and in a bit I'm meeting K when she's off work and we're having a drink around Gamla stan. A great idea after having spent the whole day inseide like me and probably like her. But I've got some good stuff done, despite the last post. Last night's dinner was postponed until tonight so that's where I'll be heading later. I think I will try to make some dessert to bring. Yeah.

Lazy days

I'm being way too lazy about things I need to do. But there are so many other things that are far more interesting ;). I got a call from my parents, they Skyped me from the pool. The sun was so bright I couldn't see anything from the webcam. Not jealous. Around 30 degrees they said. Not jealous.

Last night I watched a travelling program on TV from Spain. Two people went around the country visiting different places and cities and one of them was Segovia where I went in August. I was cast back to that time as they went to see the same things we did and even had the same typical Segovian dish, Cochinillo. Very good I might add, even though it is cooked baby piglet. Great memories and I hope I will have lots more of them.

onsdag 4 mars 2009

Hairy thoughts

I'm thinking about getting a haircut, a radical one. Ok, shorter than now at least. Like shoulder lenght. Like... But I know I probably won't do it. I'm at least gonna get new highlights. Finally. Man I want the summer season to start.

Off and out


Right this now, my parents are landing here.

tisdag 3 mars 2009



Back from the countryside. And at this moment, back from work. No more weekend, but oh well, it's not that bad being back. A friend just suggested dinner tomorrow and D arranged for us girls to have brunch on Saturday. I need to start thinking about details like dress, shoes, present and such for the upcoming wedding too. Those are not easy tasks.

I'm back in the city. But, if I concentrate, I can still smell my mom's cooking.

söndag 1 mars 2009

A sunny day in the mountains

There isn't much that clears your head and soul like the nature.