fredag 23 oktober 2009


My very kind boss let me home an hour early today :) Considering that I work weekend it's well needed. Tonight I'm going with my friend E to a friend of hers place, for a Singstar evening. Now, I'm not musical, not anywhere, but I kinda like Singstar 'cause you get to compete and it's not actually real singing anyway. But I know E is a great singer, and so is R, who's also coming. I have no idea about the guy we're visiting or his friends. The whole point of the evening is kinda me being E's chaperon so that she can see this guy. If it means doing a good deed, I guess win-win situation for me ;)

For my sensitive scalp

My scalp is very sensitive and at the moment very dry. Grocery store shampoo is death for the scalp. Now I found this piece from Björn Axén and I'm hoping that it will help me and my scalp to calm down.

Not a day too soon

Starbucks is coming to Sweden! Ok, so they're settling down at Arlanda airport, I guess we just have to travel more. Or just hang out at the airport. I'm hoping for more ones, closer to the city, now that they're finally here. Although, we have decent coffe houses in Sweden already, not complaining. But as a coffeaddict I always welcome more caffeine providers.

onsdag 21 oktober 2009

Everyday luxury

Sushi for dinner - just because. I'm worth it.


That's what my book is turning into. It's way philosophical intergalactical dirt crazy! There's no way to explain it. But it's still so good that I spent hours in the bathtub reading it the other night...

Rin on the Rox

Youtube "celebrities" Rin on the Rox sure can bring it. If they don't make it I don't know who's voting. I love natural talents, which they are for sure. Enjoy!

tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Germany calling


I just clicked home some more tickets. Traintickets this time, and not for going abroad but back home. The last weekend of this month will be spent with family and my precious little ones :) I can't wait. This coming weekend though, I am meeting S that I lived with for a while in Berlin. She's here to visit Stockholm with a friend for the first time and of course we're meeting up. Unfortunatly I am working this weekend so I'll only have time nighttime, but I think they'll be busy enough with sightseeing daytime anyway. And if I'm not misstaken, E said something about Singstar on Friday? *cough*

Another surprise is D's visit in December. We haven't seen eachother for 2 years now, when he was last in Stockholm. That's a working weekend too but we'll use the evenings to the max instead. I'll make sure we have plenty of options :)

söndag 18 oktober 2009


This day has been close to ideal. A sunny Sunday, not too cold, started off with brunch with H at Mosebacke. Inside we met some friends of H and sat down with them, they turned out to be really nice. We ate as much as we could for those 175 crowns it costs. Many plates and several cups of coffee later we took off into the depths of SoFo to look for home decorations and second hand finds. We found a bit of both. I found some awesome low boots (...;) in light brown and H some gloves. At Bolagret I found a glass carafe for my table water, check! Back home I've been trying to install my bedroom ceiling lamp, and finally I succeeded :) Slowly, my new home is coming together.

fredag 16 oktober 2009

Bättre i Berlin


Last night I had my pregnant friend L here for dinner. We hadn't seen eachother since this summer and there was already a growing belly to pat :) And what is it with pregnant women - they always look more gorgeous than ever. I made us the berry dessert on the picture from the blueberries I've had in the freezer since July. And as a start on the weekend, I've made myeslf some tonight aswell.

The move

My moving into the new appartment has taken all of my time lately. There's always something to do, unpack, unfold, fill up, decorate... I'm not saying I don't like it just that it hogs my time from doing much else. I'm almost done now though, what I now need to do is to place all things where I want them. Right now they are just placed all over so I could empty all the boxes. Most of all I need art! Pictures, paintings, photos, other decorative wall art. I find alot on the net, there are lots of great webshops that sell that kind of stuff, like and A few clicks away are some nice ones for my walls.

tisdag 13 oktober 2009

måndag 12 oktober 2009

The fun theory

How great is this?! I am all for the "fun theory"!

torsdag 8 oktober 2009

And the Nobel prize goes to...

Yet another writer that one has never heard of. Though I am sure she's an outstanding writer (duh, just won the Nobel prize) on important issues. Still, I have never heard her name before, and I lived in Berlin for a while. One plus is, I could read her in original. Might give it a shot at some time when I feel like catching up about the persecution of german minorities in Romania.

onsdag 7 oktober 2009

Friday night out

I'm officially moved in. I have a great home, not yet completed but great. Most boxes are unpacked but I still have to tackle my suitcases with clothes... (notice the plural). I love decorating and figuring out where a picture might fit best or if that blanket should be lying on the couch or better on my bed. On Friday I have my first friend over to visit. K's coming over to have dinner and then we're going to the Nouvelle Vague concert at Berns! That's gonna be awesome! But, what should I cook?!

tisdag 6 oktober 2009

torsdag 1 oktober 2009

Book club

Yep, I'm with book club. We are a couple of bookworms that thought that we read so much anyway, why not read together and get to discuss the book after? It's genoius, how many times don't you wish somebody just read the same book as you so that you can vent all those questions that stick after the last page: why? how? who? now what??.

I got the honor (well, I took it) to point out the first book, whcich has to be one that none of us has read (I had a first choice but it turned out K had already read it), "The end of Mr Y" by Scarlett Thomas. I've had my eyes on this one for some time and I think it will be a perfect discussion book with it's mysteries and philosophical angles. In about 4 weeks we're so meeting at my (the unpacked and neat) place to have dinner and talk about what we've read. It's such a great idea I can't believe I haven't thought of it before.