tisdag 21 juli 2009


What a weekend. Spent in the very picturesque place of Flen ;). I came with B to her family home to spend the weekend and we had a great time. Except for sleeping long we had a very good outdoor breakfast with freh berries of all kinds, berries that we before our return back to Stockholm picked litres and litres of. Blueberries for breakfast everyday now, yumm! On Sunday we found a great little secondhand shop out in nowhere and found some nice pieces, like a necklace for me and jeans for B. Then we went on to Lager 157 and did more than a little shopping. It's a darn trap that place, just like IKEA - "but it's so cheap..."!

They said it would be raining all week but I haven't seen any so far. I am very thankful. Last night I took a refreshing walk in the sun of about an hour, listened to Natalie Cole and watched the sheep stroll along the fields. I am lucky to live so central but yet in the countryside. Stockholm is good that way, you can have both worlds here.

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