lördag 4 juli 2009

For starters

How's your weekend people?! Mine is great, thanks. I started it off on Thursday already, when me and B had dinner out in the warm afternoon. Italian spiced with flies (not on purpose, they just seemed to circle our table and our food that night). After a walk down to St Eriksplan I took the metro and she her bike, back to her place where we made banana icecream and watched a british miniseries set in the 19th century that we had rented.

The movie theme followed the next night, last night, Friday, when we were some people that had dinner and then started off a Lord of the rings marathon, watching the first two films until the middle of the night. The last part we had to save for another time since we all had come directly from work and only had energy enough for two 3 hour movies in a row. We had alot of fun discussing symbolism in the movies, 'cause there is alot of it.

Today me and B took our bikes and headed east towards Lidingö. We had our mind set on a picturesque outdoor café but as we finally got there, it was closed for summer (how clever is it to close that kind of café in summer??). So we rolled on and finally got ourselves some good tasting burgers in the center (disappointing yes, but still ironically hilarious and very good). We took the road back into central Stockholm and got some icecream by Odenplan. As we said goodbye and headed in our separate directions I felt a drop or two of rain. Not much to do so decided to go as fas as I could to avoid anything heavier. Oh well, that didn't go too well. Halfway the skies opened and by the time I was home I was as wet as had I jumped into the lake. I was not dripping, it was pouring from me, I had to get into the shower right away to undress and squeeze my clothes from rainwater. I was wet in to my underwear!

And the weekend isn't over yet. L paid me a visit tonight, on her way home, and we took a refreshing walk and talked talked talked. Here at home I'm now thinking about what I could do tomorrow :)

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