tisdag 21 juli 2009


I'm filling my book stock to the limit (no, there's no limit really) and I have trouble finding time to read them all. Ah well, I have all my life I know, but I want to read them all, NOW. Not wait. I'm so ecited about all of them. This weekend I got not less than 3 new ones with me back home.

The opposite of love/Julie Bauxbaum

Anybody out there?/Marian Keyes - a real find, 5 SEK secondhand

Girls of Riyadh/Raja Alsanea - borrowed from B

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/Lois sa...

Ohh.. Anybody out there.. den läste jag i vintras. Såååå bra!! Jag läste den engelska versionen. Men den svenska är nog minst lika bra!! Good luck! :)