torsdag 30 april 2009


I'm back in my childhood bed. Well almost, technically it's my younger sister's bed, but same same right. The trip was painfree and I did alot of reading. Finished one book and got another started some chapters in. Turns out my sister is out of town this weekend but at least I got to see them all for a couple of hours in the afternoon before they left. Tomorrow's supposed to be great, loads of sun and warm temperatures, yay! Though May 1 is a holiday and basically everything is closed. I just hope to get some sun and get to work a bit on my tan.

onsdag 29 april 2009

Bad idea

I'm cleaning my place and so I opened the window. Bad idea. Very bad idea. The trees are blossoming, the grass is growing and the air is full of pollen! Aaaaaachooooo!

Always on the move

So I'm travelling again. Six hours on the train, going back up north to visit family and friends. There's a long holiday weekend this week and I couldn't just let it pass without doing something. My colleague said yesterday "In May you're going to Italy, possibly also in August and in September you go to New York! You just can't stop moving around Emma, even this weekend you couldn't stay in town, you had to go up north!" hahaha Yep, that's me!

I have plans to see my childhood friend M and if possible I'd like to make a visit to that second hand shop, where you can actually still make bargains (in comparison to Stockholm where the second hand market doesn't have second hand prices at all...). Then I hope to relax my little head a bit and spend some time with the mom and dad. Now I'm just wondering what to gear up with for the trip...

Laugh some more

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måndag 27 april 2009

Tired but hopeful

Things are being planned and things are being shaped. But I'm so tired right now I have no energy to think about it. Tomorrow is another day, now I need to sleep. But first I think I'll read my book a little bit. Yep.

Have a laugh

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I feel good

A jog in the sun, soooo good. I feel healthy, I feel fresh, I feel very warm.

söndag 26 april 2009

Sunday, well...

I worked today. On a Sunday. God might be mad. Of course the day has been splendid like yesterday, so I took a 20 minute break, sat in the grass (not a good idea for a person with hayfever...) and called my mom. I still worked my ... off and tomorrow I'm off again. Bitter? A little. But I do have a short week now, Thursdays I'm always off and Friday is a holiday here in Sweden (and a bunch of other countries comemorating the workers struggle). I had planned to go visit my brother and his family, but I'm not sure it'll work out. I hope though, I haven't seen them all since Christmas. The weekend has been great even though it ended with work. I had lots of fun both Friday and Saturday seeing friends and hangin' out in the sun and around. Oh and Monki provided me with some great pieces!

lördag 25 april 2009

Life is good

What a day people! We have had just amazing weather (still do), sun sun sun and warm like summer. Me, B and L went out to the outskirts of Stockholm, by the sea to an estate, called Nyckelvikens herrgård, with large grass areas and different kinds of animals. We had a stroll and then had lunch in the sun, a delicious "health salad". Tomorrow I unfortuantly have to work but I can at least live on this day. And tonight we're going to see "The Reader"!

fredag 24 april 2009


Weeeeekend, suuuuun and friends waiting in the city!!

torsdag 23 april 2009

Filling up

My day "off". Usually filled with other must do's. Aaaanyway, that's boring.

K and I are having dinner out tonight as a post-birthday-celebration. I love our dates, we have so much fun talking about everything and nothing and old memories. Possibly my cousin is also joining the fun. Haven't got a final answer yet.

Dinnerdate coming up! Now - lunch alone.

onsdag 22 april 2009

New York baby!!

It's a done deal - We're going to New York!!!
I can't believe it, so excited I can't sit still, but it's true! In September we're off, A and I, for one week we'll be taking the streets and quemar la ciudad! hahahaNow we have to plan where we are gonna live and try to find out if we or anyne we know, knows somebody over there that we might be able to stay with for a night or two but mosty that can take us out and show us the city and a great time! And check hostels, cheap but good. And plan activities! Me and A did Rome without a map but saw all the good stuff anyway. We're kind of good at that stuff, sightseeing the spontaneous way. But NY is quite larger than Rome so I think we'll be needing a map and some directions on where to go and what to see. She's set on a Sex and the City tour so I guess that'll be one stop on the weeklong carousel :) Any tips for us people??

Nice things

Later tonight me and A have a Skype meeting about "the thing" which is much closer now than the other day (waaaaaaaa!!!). And I picked up my bookpackage, the day just gets better and better! Now I did have a plan before that concerning running. Outside. And I should, as much energy as I have running through my veins I could run to China right now. I won't though.

Yesterday I passed by Accessorize and they have got some more than great pieces perfect for summer and tanned skin. That I would like to POSSESS.

tisdag 21 april 2009

Give here!

My bookpackage is here and I didn't have time to pick it up today... Eating me alive.

måndag 20 april 2009

The sky is not the limit

Did I say there's nothing better than travelling?! ;) I'm so close now, so close...!! But still, not for sure. Can't get my hopes up TOO far even though they're already at sky height hehehe. My friend A made me an irresistible offer and I hop I can stick to my YEEEEES!! I gave her then. In a few days I should know for sure. Wohohoho, so excited!!

söndag 19 april 2009

Over and beginning

Birthday over, weekend over. It was all great. I got way many more gifts than I thought, I have some good friends :) After a long day in the sun walking and talking with H and S we had dinner in the great irish pub in Gamla stan. Since I got back I have beens pending my time writing thanks to people for the birthdaywishes I got on Facebook. That alone took me around 1,5 hours. The bed is calling.

lördag 18 april 2009

torsdag 16 april 2009

Gran Torino

After making a nice looking pineapple pie to bring to work tomorrow I went down to the gym, not to work out but to say hi to M and M (M&M hehehe...ah forget it) and the take the first outdoor jog of the year! I'm mighty proud since I've been quite lazy the last weeks. But now I have to shower and get ready to go to the movies! Ciao!

It is

I just came back from the city where I said goodybye to friends that have been visiting in Stockholm over Easter. Great to see good familiar faces and too bad there wasn't more time for me to hang out. But, you can't have it all, can you.

Back in my room I have a most calm feeling, a very pleasant one. The last few weeks have been quite hectic and of course alot of fun. But I haven't had much time to sleep or just hang out with myself (I can't believe I'm complaining about that...). I do the "must do's", some long overdue, and listen to Amy Winehouse's "Frank" album (a hit people, I'm telling you). It's calm, it's soon time for lunch, it's here.

onsdag 15 april 2009

Spring is here. But where is my new place?


The books are running through my fingers like water. So, I just placed a new order at the online bookshop :) Like candy it is. Of course the second part of the Twilight series had to be mine (the first one was finished way to fast) and then I got myself one called "Latin". It's about the Latin language, the history of it and it's legacy in the modern latin langugaes and finally there's a part to teach you some of this old language. Im so excited! I have applied for some courses to take in the fall, just for fun. I don't miss studying (yet) and I don't feel like it either, but when it comes to the kind of studying that is done "just because I wanna" (pretty much always language studies on my part) it makes my heart do a happydance. I love to have things to look forward to, I think I might be addicted.

lördag 11 april 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday like me, with great people, lots of food and chocolate and of course sun!

tisdag 7 april 2009


I land back in Sweden just to pack for my next trip. Not abroad this time, well almost, to Lappland. I'm still exhausted, haven't had time to catch up on than lost sleep yet and tonight I had easter dinner with friends, not to be missed of course. I just gave my friend his bag back that I borrowed for Italy and now I'm packing my enormous backpack that accompanies me almost everywhere. The attire is quite diferent this time. No light summer dresses, instead long underwear and hats and gloves. But I'm looking forward to the last winter of the season. Then spring is all welcome and as it looks, it's on it's way. Even here up north in Scandinavia. Not like springs I had in Spain. But still.

fredag 3 april 2009

Live from Italy

I'm here and I'm more than alive. Well today that is. Yesterday was a long day, getting up at 4am and arriving at the hotel here in Italy at 12:30. The day was packed with activities which was great of course. In the afternoon we went on a boatride on Lago d'Orta, at which the hotel lies. We stopped at a city at the other end but I can't remember the name. It was a real cute place and we did ome sightseeing before we landed in a bar for snacks and drinks. After that the boat took us further to another part of the lake, to a restaurant where the rehearsal dinner took place. Oh my, that was some good food: seafood mixes, hams and cheeses, real traditional italian pizza and lots of Prosecco (too much for some ppl though). The night ended not too late and back at the hotel G and I relaxed a bit in oour room before sleeping long and sound until we had to get up for breakfast this morning. That's where I am now.

This day will be free until 4.15pm when the bus picks us up to go to the wedding ceremony. Yesterday the weather was rainy and cloudy but today it's better even if not great. The weekend is supposed to be alot better though. I can't wait for some sun.

UPDATE: This message was written on Friday but couldn't be published then, so think of it as having been published on Friday and not today. And here are some pictures from the whole trip.