onsdag 22 april 2009

New York baby!!

It's a done deal - We're going to New York!!!
I can't believe it, so excited I can't sit still, but it's true! In September we're off, A and I, for one week we'll be taking the streets and quemar la ciudad! hahahaNow we have to plan where we are gonna live and try to find out if we or anyne we know, knows somebody over there that we might be able to stay with for a night or two but mosty that can take us out and show us the city and a great time! And check hostels, cheap but good. And plan activities! Me and A did Rome without a map but saw all the good stuff anyway. We're kind of good at that stuff, sightseeing the spontaneous way. But NY is quite larger than Rome so I think we'll be needing a map and some directions on where to go and what to see. She's set on a Sex and the City tour so I guess that'll be one stop on the weeklong carousel :) Any tips for us people??

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