fredag 3 april 2009

Live from Italy

I'm here and I'm more than alive. Well today that is. Yesterday was a long day, getting up at 4am and arriving at the hotel here in Italy at 12:30. The day was packed with activities which was great of course. In the afternoon we went on a boatride on Lago d'Orta, at which the hotel lies. We stopped at a city at the other end but I can't remember the name. It was a real cute place and we did ome sightseeing before we landed in a bar for snacks and drinks. After that the boat took us further to another part of the lake, to a restaurant where the rehearsal dinner took place. Oh my, that was some good food: seafood mixes, hams and cheeses, real traditional italian pizza and lots of Prosecco (too much for some ppl though). The night ended not too late and back at the hotel G and I relaxed a bit in oour room before sleeping long and sound until we had to get up for breakfast this morning. That's where I am now.

This day will be free until 4.15pm when the bus picks us up to go to the wedding ceremony. Yesterday the weather was rainy and cloudy but today it's better even if not great. The weekend is supposed to be alot better though. I can't wait for some sun.

UPDATE: This message was written on Friday but couldn't be published then, so think of it as having been published on Friday and not today. And here are some pictures from the whole trip.

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Linda sa...

Wow!!!! Ser helt fantasktiskt ut! Mer bilder i Raja! Ses snart! Kram