onsdag 15 april 2009


The books are running through my fingers like water. So, I just placed a new order at the online bookshop :) Like candy it is. Of course the second part of the Twilight series had to be mine (the first one was finished way to fast) and then I got myself one called "Latin". It's about the Latin language, the history of it and it's legacy in the modern latin langugaes and finally there's a part to teach you some of this old language. Im so excited! I have applied for some courses to take in the fall, just for fun. I don't miss studying (yet) and I don't feel like it either, but when it comes to the kind of studying that is done "just because I wanna" (pretty much always language studies on my part) it makes my heart do a happydance. I love to have things to look forward to, I think I might be addicted.

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