torsdag 30 juli 2009

'Cause I'm leaving...

Cleaning and packing. Like so many times before. Tomorrow I do my last day of work before I go on vacation. A looong awaited vacation. I can't believe it's here, I'm actually a bit stressed that it'll be gone just as fast. I leave right after work to Gothenburg to meet up with my parents who are going to the U2 concert. Note that THEY are going and not me. Funny. Anyway I can't wait to get out of here, I've spent the whole summer in this city and I am so ready to go away. But just for a week, then I have to come back, to look at an appartment :) I'm crossing my fingers that I'm the one who gets it. Second week of vacation - currently unplanned, all depends on that appartment visit.

tisdag 28 juli 2009

Can't wait to be off!

New York just keep getting closer and with it I'm getting more and more excited! I was talking to the girl in the reception at work today and she got excited too when she heard I was going there. NY makes you excited! She even offered to make me a list of must-sees, though she's only been there once. Well, that's one time more than me I guess.

So tonight me and A had a Skype date and booked s few first nights in a hostel. Manhattan, right next to Central park, we'll be right there, niiiice. Morning, sun (of course we're gonna have sun), bagel and coffe, Central park... I can totally see it. I don't think I'll have problems finding reasons to love that city.

måndag 27 juli 2009

I'm a famous morning face

This morning as I was waiting for my train at T-centralen, a girl came up to me and presented hersrlf as being from SR, Swedish radio. She asked if she could take my picture for something she called "Morning faces", I said "sure I have a morning face so why not!". Here's the result - take a look FAMILY and friends!

söndag 26 juli 2009

Magically weak

And so, I didn't make it. I had the best opportunity and I just had to take it. I went to the hairdresser and got my highlights remade and after that, well there was a showing just after that, right next door... I went all alone, that's great by the way, movie on your own. And I saw it together with a full theatre. A crown with an average age of around 20 I'd say and not 10 as expected. I feel better but still anxious. The next movie isn't here until 2010. Although, the books are all already out...

lördag 25 juli 2009

Got room?

Saturday it is. I watched two more Harry Potter movies last night, alone though, cause B is off on vacation now and we won't see eachother for about 3 weeks. I think I might have to go see the latest one alone, unless I can wait... The sun is shining outside but they say it's gonna rain. Don't know what to think. My whole family is on the coast. And I'm stuck here. Feeling extremely jealous.

Me and my firend J went for an afterwork yesterday and had a delicious new form of Sushi at Ljunggrens roof terrace, very good "Hot Sushi" meaning spicy deepfried Sushi. Harry Potter had me up til 3 in the morning so today I had a good long sleep. Did I ever say I love to sleep? Soon hopefully in a better and nicer bedroom. The hunt for an appartment keeps me occupied.

onsdag 22 juli 2009

Big in Japan

Work is slow today and I have some moments left over. Last night me and B started yet another marathon - Harry Potter. We watched the first one and ate take out, Sushi for me and Indian for her. We rented the two first parts and tomorrow we're watching the second one at my place. I should clean up. The thought is to watch all 5 before we see the latest one in the movies. Maybe I'll give the books a try to, though I usually don't read the book after having seen the movie, takes the excitement away, but I'm a bit curious about how the books are written.

And last, this very funny clip of a Japanese girl who won a contest in Japan and gets to go to England and the set for the latest Harry Potter movie and interview the cast. She's so extremely excited to see her favourite Rupert Grint (Ron)! hahaha

tisdag 21 juli 2009


I'm filling my book stock to the limit (no, there's no limit really) and I have trouble finding time to read them all. Ah well, I have all my life I know, but I want to read them all, NOW. Not wait. I'm so ecited about all of them. This weekend I got not less than 3 new ones with me back home.

The opposite of love/Julie Bauxbaum

Anybody out there?/Marian Keyes - a real find, 5 SEK secondhand

Girls of Riyadh/Raja Alsanea - borrowed from B


What a weekend. Spent in the very picturesque place of Flen ;). I came with B to her family home to spend the weekend and we had a great time. Except for sleeping long we had a very good outdoor breakfast with freh berries of all kinds, berries that we before our return back to Stockholm picked litres and litres of. Blueberries for breakfast everyday now, yumm! On Sunday we found a great little secondhand shop out in nowhere and found some nice pieces, like a necklace for me and jeans for B. Then we went on to Lager 157 and did more than a little shopping. It's a darn trap that place, just like IKEA - "but it's so cheap..."!

They said it would be raining all week but I haven't seen any so far. I am very thankful. Last night I took a refreshing walk in the sun of about an hour, listened to Natalie Cole and watched the sheep stroll along the fields. I am lucky to live so central but yet in the countryside. Stockholm is good that way, you can have both worlds here.

fredag 17 juli 2009

Friday blues

A very calm Friday night for me. I've watched one of my all time favourite movies "Before sunset" (obviously "Before sunrise" is also on my favourites list). Both movies are genious, I love how you just follow two people walking through a city talking about everything and nothing. So real, so natural. Absolutely genius. I wish there were more movies like them.

I have Ray Charles playing in the background as I start to read. My present project, "The gravedigger's daughter" is slowly coming along. It's very good but quite heavy. I'm reading it in original language (which isn't my first language), in very small print and about 580 pages. Peanuts for some people, potatoes for me.

Long time no update

I've been busy, that's what I say. M was here Saturday-Wednesday which was great. Like it wasn't that long ago that we saw eachother. That is called friendship. The same night she left A came to stay the night. She had an appointment at the American embassy the next day and needed a place to sleep, and wanted to see me I'd like to think ;) We got ahead on our planning for New York and man that got me started, I'm so excited now!

Today I am happy to have weekend in a few hours, yay! Tomorrow me and B go to her hometown Flen to spend a relaxing and hopefully warm weekend, it'll be fun. Maybe we'll make a stop on the way and visit Gripsholms slott. I would love that, being the museumlover I am.

Weekend, how I have missed you!

torsdag 9 juli 2009

The proposal

Just got back from the movies. I saw The proposal with my cousins C and U, we all had a real good laugh. The movie was fabulous and great fun, I laughed alot and must have prolonged my life by at least a year. I recommend it to anyone that likes a good romcom now and then and who dares to laugh out loud in the movietheatre!

The pace is picking up:
- last night dinner at Vapiano in Gamla stan, then Ben&Jerry's icecream in the same cityarea.
- tonight a movie with my cousins.
- tomorrow cooking with M who's back in town after Thailand and Italy.
- Saturday brunch at B's place, midday M arrives, evening attending birthday party.
- Sunday sleeping then possibly brunch in the city.
- ...

onsdag 8 juli 2009

And so they are mine

Size large with fat darker colour frames, just they way I wanted them.

tisdag 7 juli 2009

Summer crime

Not much beats british crimeseries in summer. The very best one being "Midsomer murders". My coworker H is crazy about it, but she's half British. It is snuggling-up-in-a-cozy-chair-with-a-book kind of good and makes you want a hot cup of tea even in the summer heat. A rough day at the office leaves you cravin any type of entertainment really but when it can be of this quality I am the first one so surrender to the couch :)

M is arriving from Berlin on Saturday and I am so excited to see her again. She's promised to bring me a copy of the book "Das Parfum" (The perfume) by Patrick Süsskind. I read it many years ago, when I was living in Germany but still learning the more advanced forms of German. I loved it and now I would like to read it again, when I can appreciate it more. And except for Berliner Pilsner she's promised to squeeze a fine German guy into her luggage for me ;)

Tomorrow I'm having dinner with E and some other friends after work. E is visiting after she moved away this winter to go work in another city and it'll be great to see her again and I'll also be able to return those books I borrowed long ago. I'm hpoing to see L on Thursday or Friday and Saturdays M is here and we're off to a birthday party in the evening. I hope the weather is on our side since it's planned to be set outside on Långholmen. On Sunday I'm thinking...brunch :).

söndag 5 juli 2009

Sunday selection

After having slept long and sound (my eyemask is fab!) I went to check out the summer sales downtown. There is alot to buy and for once also alot that s worth buying. Alot of the time on sales you only find stuff that nobody wanted to buy in the first place. So this way I found a last pair in store of beige suede sandals! Now I can throw out those old ones I bought 3 years ago, that I have worn to their death.

The afternoon was spent cleaning and I got myslef an appointment to do laundry tomorrow. Now I am watching "Perfume" and eating ICA Selection Fruit icecram, mango flavoured, mmm...

lördag 4 juli 2009

For starters

How's your weekend people?! Mine is great, thanks. I started it off on Thursday already, when me and B had dinner out in the warm afternoon. Italian spiced with flies (not on purpose, they just seemed to circle our table and our food that night). After a walk down to St Eriksplan I took the metro and she her bike, back to her place where we made banana icecream and watched a british miniseries set in the 19th century that we had rented.

The movie theme followed the next night, last night, Friday, when we were some people that had dinner and then started off a Lord of the rings marathon, watching the first two films until the middle of the night. The last part we had to save for another time since we all had come directly from work and only had energy enough for two 3 hour movies in a row. We had alot of fun discussing symbolism in the movies, 'cause there is alot of it.

Today me and B took our bikes and headed east towards Lidingö. We had our mind set on a picturesque outdoor café but as we finally got there, it was closed for summer (how clever is it to close that kind of café in summer??). So we rolled on and finally got ourselves some good tasting burgers in the center (disappointing yes, but still ironically hilarious and very good). We took the road back into central Stockholm and got some icecream by Odenplan. As we said goodbye and headed in our separate directions I felt a drop or two of rain. Not much to do so decided to go as fas as I could to avoid anything heavier. Oh well, that didn't go too well. Halfway the skies opened and by the time I was home I was as wet as had I jumped into the lake. I was not dripping, it was pouring from me, I had to get into the shower right away to undress and squeeze my clothes from rainwater. I was wet in to my underwear!

And the weekend isn't over yet. L paid me a visit tonight, on her way home, and we took a refreshing walk and talked talked talked. Here at home I'm now thinking about what I could do tomorrow :)

onsdag 1 juli 2009

Covering up

Today I got myself an eyemask for sleeping from Muji. The last week or so the heat has been unbearable at night and I've had to sleep with an open window. Problem is, the sun never really sets in Sweden in summer. So it's too bright! I wake up all the time! Problem solved with my new eyemask :) The plan is to also use it when travelling to and from New York.