onsdag 22 juli 2009

Big in Japan

Work is slow today and I have some moments left over. Last night me and B started yet another marathon - Harry Potter. We watched the first one and ate take out, Sushi for me and Indian for her. We rented the two first parts and tomorrow we're watching the second one at my place. I should clean up. The thought is to watch all 5 before we see the latest one in the movies. Maybe I'll give the books a try to, though I usually don't read the book after having seen the movie, takes the excitement away, but I'm a bit curious about how the books are written.

And last, this very funny clip of a Japanese girl who won a contest in Japan and gets to go to England and the set for the latest Harry Potter movie and interview the cast. She's so extremely excited to see her favourite Rupert Grint (Ron)! hahaha

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