tisdag 7 juli 2009

Summer crime

Not much beats british crimeseries in summer. The very best one being "Midsomer murders". My coworker H is crazy about it, but she's half British. It is snuggling-up-in-a-cozy-chair-with-a-book kind of good and makes you want a hot cup of tea even in the summer heat. A rough day at the office leaves you cravin any type of entertainment really but when it can be of this quality I am the first one so surrender to the couch :)

M is arriving from Berlin on Saturday and I am so excited to see her again. She's promised to bring me a copy of the book "Das Parfum" (The perfume) by Patrick Süsskind. I read it many years ago, when I was living in Germany but still learning the more advanced forms of German. I loved it and now I would like to read it again, when I can appreciate it more. And except for Berliner Pilsner she's promised to squeeze a fine German guy into her luggage for me ;)

Tomorrow I'm having dinner with E and some other friends after work. E is visiting after she moved away this winter to go work in another city and it'll be great to see her again and I'll also be able to return those books I borrowed long ago. I'm hpoing to see L on Thursday or Friday and Saturdays M is here and we're off to a birthday party in the evening. I hope the weather is on our side since it's planned to be set outside on Långholmen. On Sunday I'm thinking...brunch :).

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