fredag 17 juli 2009

Long time no update

I've been busy, that's what I say. M was here Saturday-Wednesday which was great. Like it wasn't that long ago that we saw eachother. That is called friendship. The same night she left A came to stay the night. She had an appointment at the American embassy the next day and needed a place to sleep, and wanted to see me I'd like to think ;) We got ahead on our planning for New York and man that got me started, I'm so excited now!

Today I am happy to have weekend in a few hours, yay! Tomorrow me and B go to her hometown Flen to spend a relaxing and hopefully warm weekend, it'll be fun. Maybe we'll make a stop on the way and visit Gripsholms slott. I would love that, being the museumlover I am.

Weekend, how I have missed you!

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