torsdag 26 februari 2009

I'm raised


I got a raise today, whoptidoo. No seriously, of course I'm happy. I've been waiting for this to happen since in Sweden we practice something called equal payment for equal job (in theory...). I tried to make my boss do this some months ago, but that didn't work out. Then. Now, he just calls me and sounds like this is something obvious, like he's surprised I haven't had the same income as everybody else before. No comprendo amigo. Well, better late than never. I will celebrate by saving the money for my upcoming trip to Italy (in theory...).



I have a long train trip ahead of me tomorrow and I'm trying to come up with some things to keep myself busy with for those six something hours. A book, my laptop filled with some good flicks, food of course, Mp3-player, I could knit, maybe even a nice neighbour to chat with... I guess the problem is solved.

onsdag 25 februari 2009


Picture: Flickr

I was sick for a bit. But cure is coming. I'm going home.

lördag 21 februari 2009

Crash and burn girl

I just heard this song on TV and it took me back around 4 years when I would listen to Robyn's then new album ALL THE TIME. It is amazing how music can, as can smells, make you remember certain times or events. She still rocks the world.

The art of giving

Lovely B gave me homemade cookies! And of course we had to try them out with hot tea after our walk. No city for me after all. I didn't feel like it anymore. What I do feel like is a hair makeover, it's a mess.

I'm wondering what I should get my friends for their wedding in April. The wedding is in Italy so it can't be too large (gotta fit in my suitcase), not too expensive of course (it's not the only thing I have to spend money on for this wedding...), have some kind of thought behind it and possibly be something useful. Possible? I have plenty of time still but this business can be tricky, first you need to figure out what to buy and then you need to actually find it. Hmmm...

Going out

Picture: Flickr

I'm planning on going to the exhibition on Trafficking at the Ethnographic museum here in Stockholm soon. I love museums and there are always good exhibitions to attract you to them.

Now I'm meeting B at the library and then a walk in the crisp winter air. I think I might make a short visit to the city aswell. I need to get out a bit.

The Duchess

Definitely worth seeing although somewhat sad, especially for all mothers and women out there. Kiera is good and I liked.

fredag 20 februari 2009


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I have a terrible tummyache and it's probably because I sit still so much at work. I wanted to go to the gym later. Oh well, maybe tomorrow then.

torsdag 19 februari 2009

It's been too long

Somewhere else

Picture: Fashion Gone Rouge

I just saw the weather forecast for the rest of this week. The guy spoke but all I heard was GRAY GRAY GRAY. I want some sun and, I want a warm beach, I want I want I want.

onsdag 18 februari 2009

Book therapy

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A new day tomorrow and I'm sure I'll feel better. I have a lunch date with B so that's a good start. Now I'm gonna go to bed, but not to sleep yet :)

Not so good

I'm having a bad day. I really am. Everything sucks at this moment. I am angry and upset.

tisdag 17 februari 2009

Every day a bit closer to the future

I never stop being astounded that times flies so fast. We're almost in March people, halfway to spring.

A hotel in Paris

"Hotel Chevalier" by wes Anderson, the short film that precedes "The Darjeeling Limited". Natalie Portman is gorgeous and great.

måndag 16 februari 2009


Picture: Harmonie intérieure

Every day I look more and more forward to decorating a real home. All mine obviously :)


Pictures: Tush Magazine

Tush Magazine always has really cool covers that just sucks you in and keeps you looking.

Time to eat

Picture: 101 Cookbooks

Back from the gym and my belly is screaming for food. I have no idea what I might be able to find in the fridge but I feel like something with chickpeas and asparagus, I love both and all kinds of peas and beans (not that asparagus is a pea or a bean). Ok, time to see what I can whip up.

söndag 15 februari 2009

Sunshine stories

My superambitious and well educated friend I just got a job in Brussels. Impressive of course, but it usually is when it comes to her, she's quite some girl. She's been on the search for a job for quite some time though and this job came as a reward for the long wait. I see this as a carrot to keep myself going, this and other stories like it. It might take some time but then it just happens. I just hope it doesn't take long (no good patience ;) ).


Picture: Flickr

I've been wanting to learn Latin for a while. I tried to apply for an evening course this semesterbut couldn't find one that fitted my schedule. I think knowing Latin would help me in learning and understanding many other languages based on latin, for example Spanish, French, Italian and so on. And second, I love learning languages, my passion. I hope to find an opportunity to realize this, or possibly another language. But Latin, sure would be cool, and helpful.


Picture: Flickr

Lunch in the city and I'm full to the brims. There was absolutely no room for dessert, still isn't and in about an hour I want to go work out. We'll see about that. The weather is quite gloomy today but still warmer than for a while. The streets are dry and I got a feeling of spring, a small feeling but still. It gives hope that brighter times are coming. I hope in more than one way. I should really clean up, this is one of those moments when I actually have time to. Still, don't want to. Who ever wants to clean up, is what I'd like to know.

lördag 14 februari 2009

Single girls night

I got a Valentine's day plan after all. Me and H are going to I's city appartment and meet with other single girls ;) We're all bringing something good to eat and then there's of course Melodifestivalen on TV. The night is done. To somewhat honor this "love"-day, I paint my lips red.

And don't forget

Picture Harmonie intérieure

Emma and the books

I read ALOT and here's a small Q&A list around that and me.

Latest bought book: I borrow alot of my books from friends but in January I bought "Min tjej och jag" ("One for my baby") by Tony Parsons and "In i öknen" by Anna-Karin Palm.

Latest library borrows: That must have been some book for the university. But in fiction it was I think "El desorden de tu nombre" ("The disorder of your name") by Juan José Millás. A brave try to practice my Spanish and the second book I read in Spanish.

The latest finished book: "An offer you can't refuse" by Jill Mansell, chiclit from London borrowed by a friend.

Favourite magazine/paper: Plaza Kvinna, DN, Neon

Place where I mostly like to read: In a cosy café with big big chairs to snuggle up in with a cup of tea. Just like I did the other week :)

I organize my bookshelf like this: Basically no order, paperbacks and hardbacks separated mostly because of size.

A book I remember reading as a child: I remember the first book I read was about trolls but I can't remember the title of it. I think I liked it. The first title I remember was an amout of books from the "Sweet Valley High" series by Francine Pascal.

What book in my bookshelf have I owned the longest: My Bible.

What do I mostly look forward to reading this spring: I mostly hope to find unexpected books I never knew about and loving them. Other than that I would like to read "The Spellman files" and the following two books about the Spellman family by Lisa Lutz, "Eat, pray, love" by Elisabeth Gilbert and "The girls of Riyadh" by Rajaa Alsanea.

And what I am currently reading is always displayed in the column to the right and any booktips are welcome.


Victoria Beckham has designed a collection of dresses. The promotion video is awfully cute.


I love waking up on the weekend and knowing I can stay in bed if I like, have a great long breakfast, not stress, do whatever I want... Here on my couch with a cup of hot green tea, fogetting that it's Valentine's day (my friend calls it her Bridget Jones day ;) ), enjoying the calm.

fredag 13 februari 2009


Ikväll på TV8 klockan 20:00 "En långvarig förlovning"/"Un long diamanche de fiancailles". Jättevackert foto och romantisk story på franska.


My littlest niece tried real food for the first time :) Man I wish I could be there, I'm missing out on so many things!

Friday the 13th...

It's Friday the 13th... Noticed? I haven't so far, luckily. Not that I'm that supersticious. A friend's having a horror movie night. The thing is, I'm an extreme chicken when it comes to horror movies, can't watch them, avoid them, can't get rid of the thought of any I have misstakenly seen for many days... I think I'll have to stay home. I'm such a chicken! I have to go. No I can't...

All this despite the fact that I watched the "Blair Witch Project" on my own, alone at home, in the evening on Halloween some years ago. Must have been under some sort of spell, didn't fint it that scary.

Single me

Friday and last workingday of the week. Yay. I have no plans this weekend for a change. Usually something turns up though. But, tomorrow is Valentine's day, this over-comercial pink day, and the papers are full of tip's on where to go with your sweetheart to have dinner or what to buy him/her. Some days it just sucks being single (sometimes it's great though). I wish I would get a card with hearts on it and maybe a rose or some chocolate or simply a hug from someone dear... I got cheered up earlier though when I was buying myself a delicious danish for dessert and the guy gave it to me for free :) A pure salestrick probably but I totally bought it. Maybe it's all my own fault though, I haven't given guys much interest or attention lately. I've mostly been thinking of me and just me. Maybe that's what being single is all about.

torsdag 12 februari 2009

In thoughts

I just did something very important. Before, my biggest concern was what to wear, now that's the last thing I think about. So many thoughts are going through my head and they won't stop until I know. Oh this constant pondering and waiting!

onsdag 11 februari 2009


Oh what a great dinner date I had, I love my family. On the way there I passed a bakery and saw something I've been longing for since months but haven't gotten a piece of... until now. Semlor :) A typical swedish baked good that is eaten every year at this time. Its like a bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream, lot of it ;) So of course, I bougth us some for dessert. They were fantastic and I'll be able to live on the memory of it for weeks. In fact' I'll have to, since I won't let myself eat another for just weeks. So, guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? That's right, going to the gym. You're getting the hang of this now right? :)


I am more than lucky, tonight my cousin is cooking for me :) She just movedd so I get to check out her new place and long even more for my own place, that I will hopefully have in the not too far future. Man I'm hungry!

tisdag 10 februari 2009

Good morning World!

I've already been up an hour and now I'm off to work. How do I wish to do this...

söndag 8 februari 2009

Pineapple pie

Baking it is! I did it, a pineapple pie :) Took a look in my fab baking book, and there it was. And it was gooood. So was the food and the movie. Great finish of the weekend. Tomorrow - gym (except all the other more imortant stuff I'll be doing).

Proof picture. I am not known as a cook.

London calling

What better to do on a Sundat than LOOK FOR JOBS. Yuck. Even my mother is now involved in this process, poor thing, I'm sure she would like to do more fun stuff. I know I do and I do do them... ? I knit and oooh how relaxing that is. I'm thinking about baking something (:O) and later me and some girlfriends are hitting the city to get some takeout that we plan on eating in front of a chickflick. Right now it cannot get any better. S is here on a visit from London so we're making the most of the weekend. M is visiting her in March and I am so jealous... London, it's been a while. Maybe I can find a job there?

About that baking... I found this patisserie in Paris.

lördag 7 februari 2009

Healthy addictions

I was excited to go home and knit yesterday after work, I got stuck. Another healthy addiction next to reading. I don't know how many books I've read in the last while, 5...6? Love that too. Talked to a friend and her boyproblems. I'm happy to listen and help but I am more than happy not to have those problems myself. Been there done that.

My head has been killing me today and I don't know why. It just aches so much and finally I've taken an aspirin. I hope it gets better, I don't want to get sick.

torsdag 5 februari 2009

Knitting off

Back to writing. At home though, with "Gilmore girls" in the background, perfect. It's better this time, not as deep. I ramble but hopefully you get it. Now i'm off for dinner and an evening of, hold on, knitting. Yep, we're meeting a bunch of girls to knit. Yay, it's gonna be so much fun! I haven't knitted in a long time and I need to get readjusted into the advanced fingerwork it takes. I'm all for. First I have to make a stop at the yarn shop to get some nice yarn to practice with. Red, purple, blue? Isn't this what crisis times calls for? :)

måndag 2 februari 2009

A day not like others

Last day of freedom and I used it well. It was the perfect day off. I got up when I felt like it and was greeted by a shining sun, just that made my day. When you, like us here in the north, don't see the sun for months and months, it gives you an enormous boost to have warm rays pour over your face. It's not for nothing Swedes are called "sun worshippers". So I made a list of the things I could take care of on a day like this. I always make lists, I'm that person. I got registered at the university and took care of all the officevisits that demanded, I put up notes to sell some university literature that I don't need and for sure will never read again, I went to the city to get some errands made (nice errands I might add, that allowed me to look at pretty things ;) ), I stumbled upon a piece that was half off the salesprice (!!!). I could't leave it there all alone, it wanted me, it needs me (not the other way around), so yes, I bought it for myself. But being so cheap it didn't do any great damage to my account.

I just finished my book last night and was to start a new one today. The plan was that whenever I was done with what I had to do, I would find myself a calm and cosy café with comfy big chairs to snuggle up in and read my new book :). And I did just that. By accident I found the perfect café, behind a small shop in Gamla stan (the old part of the Stockholm), a bit hidden and I never knew before that it existed. A perfect surprise. In a cellar, dimmed lights, jazzmusic in the background and cosily decorated. I found my chair in the back, in a corner, with a blanket, waiting for me. I bought a big cup of tee and stayed reading for more than two hours. I felt happy.

On my way home I bought some food at the chinese shop (love my China noodles) and went home to get dressed for the gym. Now I have had dinner and watch some "Lipstick jungle". I feel relaxed and ready for work tomorrow. More days like this would be nice, but not too soon.

söndag 1 februari 2009

Flying off to nowhere

Sunday Sunday Sunday, I feel like they come more and more often. But that's not possible of course. Time flies, but where to? I wanted to go to the gym today but they are closed the whole weekend for a Nike Convention. I guess I'll to daytime tomorrow, it's not like I have so much to do.
Last night was great starting with a dinner at Kungsholmen, that is one of the best I've had in a very long time, and the moving us closer to the city meeting more friends. We had a great time and I hope the birthdaygirl enjoyed it, I'm pretty sure ;)

You know you've lived in Spain when...

I found this extremely funny list on the net and laughed so much! It is for all of us that at some point have lived in Spain, to remember and to laugh at, you will recognize most of it, I know I did! Surely funny for others aswell. Enjoy!

You know you've lived in Spain when...

1) You think adding lemonade, fanta or even coke to red wine is a good idea.

2) You can't get over how early bars & clubs shut back home - surely they're shutting just as you should be going out?

3) You aren't just surprised that the plumber/decorator has turned up on time, you're surprised he turned up at all.

4) You've been part of a botellon.

5) You think it's fine to comment on everyone's appearance. And to openly stare at strangers.

6) Not giving every new acquaintance dos besos seems so rude.

7) You're shocked by people getting their legs out at the first hint of sun - surely they should wait until at least late June?

8) On msn you sometimes type 'jajaja' instead of 'hahaha'

9) You think that aceite de oliva is a vital part of every meal. And don't understand how anyone could think olive oil on toast is weird.

10) You're amazed when TV ad breaks last less than half an hour, especially right before the end of films.

11) You forget to say please when asking for things - you implied it in your tone of voice, right?

12) You love the phenomenon of giving 'toques' - but hate explaining it in English

14) You don't see sunflower seeds as a healthy snack - they're just what all the cool kids eat.

15) You know what a pijo is and how to spot one.

16) Every sentence you speak contains at least one of these words: 'bueno,' 'coño,' 'vale,' 'venga,' 'pues nada'...

17) You know what a 'resaca' is.

18) You know how to eat boquerones.

19) A bull's head on the wall of a bar isn't a talking point for you, it's just a part of the decor.

20) You eat lunch after 2pm & would never even think of having your evening meal before 9.

21) You know that after 2pm there's no point in going shopping, you might as well just have a siesta until 5 when the shops re-open.

22) If anyone insults your mother, they better watch out...

23) You know how to change a bombona. And if you don't, you were either lazy or lucky enough to live somewhere nice.

24) It's not rude to answer the intercom to your flat by asking 'Quien?' (or maybe that was just my flatmate...)

25) You don't accept beer that's anything less than ice-cold.

26) You know Bimbo isn't a slutty woman, it's a make of 'pan de molde' (which, incidentally, isn't mouldy)

27) The sound of mopeds in the background is the soundtrack to your life.

28) You know that the mullet didn't just happen in the 80s. It is alive and well in Spain.

29) You know the difference between cojones and cajones, tener calor and estar caliente, bacalao and bakalao, pollo and polla, estar hecho polvo and echar un polvo...and maybe you learned the differences the hard way!

30) On some Sunday mornings you sometimes have breakfast before going to bed, not after you get up.

31) You don't see anything wrong with having a couple of beers before lunch if you feel like it.

32) Floors in certain bars are an ideal dumping ground for your colillas, servilletas etc. Why use a bin?!

33) You see clapping as an art form, not just a way to express approval.

34) You know ensaladilla rusa has nothing to do with Russia.

35) When you burst out laughing every time you see a Mitsubishi Pajero (thanks Stuart Line for reminding me of that one!)

36) You have friends named Jesus, Jose Maria, Maria Jose, Angel, maybe even Inmaculada Concepcion...

37) You know that 'ahora' doesn't really mean now. Hasta ahora, ahora vuelvo...etc

38)When you make arrangements to meet friends at 3, the first person turns up at 3.15...if you're lucky!

39) Central heating is most definitely a foreign concept. In winter, you just huddle around the heater under the table & pull the blanket up over your knees...and sleep with about 5 blankets on your bed! (OK I accepot this is probably just in the south!)

40) When you laugh, you don't laugh your head off - te partas de risa.

41) Aceite de oliva is 'muy sano', of course. So you help yourself to a bit more.

42)When women think that clear bra straps are in fact invisible.

43) When it's totally normal for every kitchen to have a deep-fat fryer but no kettle.

44) Te cagas en la leche....

45) To avoid that cheap Eristoff vodka you have to ask for 'un esmirnoff'

46) When you know what a guiri is / have been called one

47) When you add 'super' in front of any adjective for emphasis

48) Blonde girls actually start to think their name is 'rubia'

49) When you accept that paying with a 50 euro note is going to get you a dirty look if you're buying something that costs less than 40 euros

50) If something is great, it's 'de puta madre'

51) You can eat up to 5 times a day - first breakfast, 2nd breakfast around 11.30, almuerzo, merienda, cena

52) You know the jingle for Los Cuarenta Principales...

53) If you see someone wearing a T-shirt with something written on it in English, you can almost guarantee it won't make sense. (Pebble Night was a personal favourite)

54) When you go into a bank/bakery etc, it's standard practice to ask 'Quien es la ultima?'

55) Who needs a dryer when you have a washing line outside the window of your apartment?

56) You know what 'marcha' and 'juerga' are.

57) You are more likely to call your friends tio/a, nena, chaval, macho or even tronco than their real name.

58) Love it or hate it, you can't escape reggaeton.

59) You answer the phone by saying 'Yes', (well, or 'Tell me') and when identifying yourself you say 'I'm...' not 'It's...'. But when you try those tactics back home, everyone thinks you're mad or rude!

60) You carry on buying UHT milk when you get back home and your friends think this is disgusting but you can't understand their point of view.

61) Jamon, jamon y mas jamon....(Can't say this was my favourite thing, being a a vegetarian and all, but I agree it's very much part of Spanish life!)

62) If you eat a lot of something, you're not going to 'turn into' it, you're going to 'get the face of it,' e.g 'te vas a poner cara de chocolate.' Somehow a lot more amusing!

63) Drinking coffee out of a glass is entirely normal.

64) 'Son las nueve, las ocho en Canarias' is how you are used to hearing radio DJs announce the time

65) You've been to your local town's feria/fiesta/semana santa