lördag 14 februari 2009

Emma and the books

I read ALOT and here's a small Q&A list around that and me.

Latest bought book: I borrow alot of my books from friends but in January I bought "Min tjej och jag" ("One for my baby") by Tony Parsons and "In i öknen" by Anna-Karin Palm.

Latest library borrows: That must have been some book for the university. But in fiction it was I think "El desorden de tu nombre" ("The disorder of your name") by Juan José Millás. A brave try to practice my Spanish and the second book I read in Spanish.

The latest finished book: "An offer you can't refuse" by Jill Mansell, chiclit from London borrowed by a friend.

Favourite magazine/paper: Plaza Kvinna, DN, Neon

Place where I mostly like to read: In a cosy café with big big chairs to snuggle up in with a cup of tea. Just like I did the other week :)

I organize my bookshelf like this: Basically no order, paperbacks and hardbacks separated mostly because of size.

A book I remember reading as a child: I remember the first book I read was about trolls but I can't remember the title of it. I think I liked it. The first title I remember was an amout of books from the "Sweet Valley High" series by Francine Pascal.

What book in my bookshelf have I owned the longest: My Bible.

What do I mostly look forward to reading this spring: I mostly hope to find unexpected books I never knew about and loving them. Other than that I would like to read "The Spellman files" and the following two books about the Spellman family by Lisa Lutz, "Eat, pray, love" by Elisabeth Gilbert and "The girls of Riyadh" by Rajaa Alsanea.

And what I am currently reading is always displayed in the column to the right and any booktips are welcome.

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