söndag 15 februari 2009

Sunshine stories

My superambitious and well educated friend I just got a job in Brussels. Impressive of course, but it usually is when it comes to her, she's quite some girl. She's been on the search for a job for quite some time though and this job came as a reward for the long wait. I see this as a carrot to keep myself going, this and other stories like it. It might take some time but then it just happens. I just hope it doesn't take long (no good patience ;) ).

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Iohanna sa...

Ohhh.. Thank you E. You are the best!! I a m waiting to see you in Brussels, any time!! Actually, it is summer time now, so.. just come over!! And, I am really happy that you are writing in english now, because.. swedish.; euh.. is not really my best!! Hope to see you soon! Your Ioh