söndag 31 maj 2009

Leaving town

Last day and last minutes in Milano. My things are packed and we just arrived from the last city tour. I've done (more) than my fair share of shopping and I feel satisfied in that area. But not in being here and seeing D, I've missed her alot and I feel like the time has been too short. Well, better short than nothing I guess. I hope I can go back to visit her soon again but next time in her own city in the south, Angri, and maybe she can come to Stockholm too.

Next stop, the bus station. I'm not nervous but my body is on the way. I still have alot of time before I get to relax at home.

lördag 30 maj 2009

Life at it's best

How sweet isn't life when you get to go to Lago di Como.

fredag 29 maj 2009

Day 2

On the couch with a cold beer beside me, nice. I sound like an old couchpotato but it's so great to relax and drink good when the sun is heavy and we have been walking around for hours and hours. We saw an old castle and behind it was an even nicer garden park. We sat down and relaxed from the midday heat before we walked down along the Milan high fashion shopping street Via Monte Napoleone. I needn't say I didn't buy anything in Dior or Gucci.

But before we reached the tram to take us home we took a round or two in our side of the shopping strokes. I found a nice t-shirt and a very cute top aswell as some kickass heels ;) And not to forget, real cute earrings! D is calling from the kitchen, I have to help cook dinner, but, la vita è bella qui in Milano!

torsdag 28 maj 2009

Bienvenuti a mi vita milanese

So I'm finally here, in Milano, Italia! It is hot hot hot and I'm sweating so much I don't even have to go to the bathroom but I'm loving every bit of it (of course, I'm swedish = a sun worshipper). Milano is more than anything known for the fashion business so what did we do most of today? That's right, we went shopping. But I didn't spend all my income and I can still go a round ;)

It is after all also a very beautiful city and the dome "Il Duomo" is breathtaking, like most of the ancient italian buildings. We had some ice cream to cool off and of course also the best ice cream is italian. For lunch we had pasta (duh!) and for dinner?? It is being made as I write and I'm not sure but it could be...pizza. Pictures will be posted when I'm back home since I don't have the camera cable with me, but I'm sure you'll live ;)

Ciao ragazzi!

onsdag 27 maj 2009

Almost hit

I'm almost all packed and I really should go to bed. I have to get up at 4.15 this morning... But it's gonna be so worth it that I can't even bother to complain. Milan has 30 degrees, we have about half that. Need I say - yay!! My shorts are packed for the season's first try out and so are multiple tops and tanks, even my bikini is in there somewhere (although it'll go far before I put that on at this point). For some strange reason it hasn't really hit me that I'm going yet. I bet it will at 4:15.


Last night I dreamt that I got robbed by a little person (not as pc: dwarf). What could that mean?

tisdag 26 maj 2009

Taking in the words

My reading doesn't stop and the series is almost finished now (I really don't want it to be...). But I usually have another book going at the same time, for my subway- and busrides to and from work. "Latin" doesn't have many more pages either so I placed another order just now. I'm excited like heck, to get the last and longest part (640 pages) and to start "The gravedigger's daugther" by Joyce Carol Oates, I've heard so much about it and only good things.

Thursday I'm off to Milan, Italy, again and when I come back it'll be June (basically) and I'll most likely have a book package waiting to be collected and ready to be read, starting off the summer. I love books!

A dinner to remember

Last night we had a swedish dinner for our former dorm mate B and his wife visiting from India. Oh my word, it was better than good, all the swedish specialties - fresh potatoes, different kinds of hering, knäckebröd, meatballs, coctail sausages, blueberry pie, banana cake, kanelbullar, real indian dessert mead by B's wife S and more to all that. I was so full in the end that I couldn't move but to my bed and fall asleep. Great night finally.

B and S showed us pictures from their wedding last June. It was very interesting to hear them talk about it and explaining the ceremony to us oblivious westerners ;). Like the fact that they had only met two weeks before the wedding and had never even touched eachother before they were actually married... I must admit that it was strange to hear these things and at the same time they looked so in love and just like any other western couple who'd been together for years before THEY decided to get married. Well, you learn very interesting things hanging out with people from a different background than your own. Do it people.

måndag 25 maj 2009

söndag 24 maj 2009

Soon I'll say it again

It feel like I say this alot (and I love t every time), I'm back home again. A relaxing and very nice weekend at my brother's, getting to spend time with my adorable niece and nephew was just what I needed. I miss them alot. We had mostly great weather, Sweden is so beautiful in summer.

I got back home to a final cleaning of the week, yay. But it's done and I'm extremely tired. I should probably eat but I'm so tired. Fortunatly this coming week will be a short one (workwise). On Thursday I go to Italy again :) I've been trying to find out what it is that you need to see in Milan but I think I'm just gonna let myself be guided around by D. That'll be just fine, she knows the place and I won't have to think too much.

Nah, I'm not too tired to eat. Pasta basta!

fredag 22 maj 2009

A great day, a great weekend

Yesterday was an awesome day. I was off, like most Thursdays, they had predicted rain but we had sun all day. Me and B went to have lunch in the city, in Södermalm one of Stockholm's nicest islands. We went for italian salads with lots of bread and olive oil, just like it should be. As we strolled off we slipped into a second hand shop with a bunch of stuff we wanted to try on, unfortunatly they were just closing so we only bought one piece each ;)

We then decided to have coffee and B suggested Fåfängan, an awesome café high up with a view over Djurgården and Gamla stan in the pouring sun. Life at that point couldn't get any better. In the late afternoon we strted walking back in towards Slussen, via Fjällgatan (if you know it you know what I mean) and as we got there we decided to just keep walking up to Sveavägen, which was where we were going. Now we were starting to get hungry again so the first thought was to eat (some more) but we came up with the brilliant idea to cook at her place and watch a movie. So we did. An awesome day and a just as great evening ended in bed at around 0:30. I was full, happy and tired.

Today I worked but it was worth it as I got to get on the train and head off to my brother's after to meet him and the family and my parents, also visiting. I will have a great weekend - too!

onsdag 20 maj 2009

Feels like Friday

Almost. I'm not as lucky as most people in Sweden that have both Thursday and Friday off this week, I only have Thursday. But I'll take what I can get and I have a great feeling, almost like weekend :) On Friday H will be back at work again and later I'm heading down to visit with my brother and the family over the weekend. Now let's see what we can make of this evening!

tisdag 19 maj 2009

Coming along

I had an after work dinner with A today, she was in the city over the day for a "businessmeeting" (really) so we met up afterwards and had a great greasy american dinner at Friday´s. She needs to get used to it, she's spending next year studying in Oregon. And when I got back I tried my new bike. Like an eagle it soars hehe. It'll be great and a friend helped me to lower the seat, I'm tiny. Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to take it for a longer spin, I sure need it.

söndag 17 maj 2009

Promoting world understanding

I just signed up for Couchsurfing, a website where you find people all over the world willing to let you crash on their couch for free. Genious idea if you ask me, surprised nobody thought of it before. Ah well, I have now signed up, first as a person to be comtacted by others travelling to Stockholm who wants to meet up with for a coffee or to show them the city. My current living situation doesn't allow those kinds of sleepovers but meybe when I get a bigger place. I'm excited to see the result and to possibly in the future be able to myself sleep on someone's couch. A possible friend :)

lördag 16 maj 2009


I've been trying to find a bike for a while and from one day to the other I have one thanks to a friend. He's moving away and can't bring his and there we go, voilá. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure if there's something off I can fix it, like lowering the seat ;) I look forward to riding off to parks having picknick's and BBQ's this summer!

fredag 15 maj 2009

Finalmente ha llegado el finde!

The weekend is finally here after a looooong week alone in the office! I feel liberated like never before, it's sunny outside and the city is calling my name, I can hear it! Viva el veranito!

onsdag 13 maj 2009


I never do. Oversleep. But today I did. I don't understand how. I really don't . I never do. Somehow I have been able to turn off the alarm without waking up. So I was late for work. Ah well, nobody got hurt. Exceot me maybe, my shoulder has been aching for two days now and I'm thinking it's because I sit in front of the computer all day. Ever heard of mousearm? Well I've got mouseshoulder. Or something similar. I don't even go to bed that late that it would cause me to be so tired that I wouldn't hear the alarm in the morning, I usually wake up real easy. A mystery.

måndag 11 maj 2009

This day in history

On this day May 11, 1981, exactly 28 years ago (yep, about a month after my birth), Bob Marley died. A little trivia for y'all.

Good vibes

Monday is over and I'm hoping that the week won't be all too hard. H won't be there with me from tomorrow so I'm all on my own. Alot of responsibility, a preview of the summer. This week is becaus of H's absence a fulltime week. I welcome the money but I need those Thursdays for other things. I use my days dreaming of and planning for my italian weekend in about 2 weeks. It's not a bad way to spend free moments and D and I like pretty much the same things when it comes to spending time so I'm sure I'll have some great days down there. And the weekend following that one is of course the visit of mother, sister and two of my favourite pieces of blueberry pie! :)

Happy birthday mamma!

söndag 10 maj 2009

A recommendation

I think I might have just seen one of the worst movies of all times. "Confessions of a shopaholic" is NOT recommended to anyone. It was bad, boring and... anything else bad you can think of. That's an hour and a half I'll never get back. To clear my head of this nonsense I am going to take an evening walk in the fresh summer air (yes summer, that's what it looks like now that all trees are green and blossoming).

What's it gonna be

The day has been great. So a while ago I went out for a walk into the botanical gardens I have next door. What happens? It starts to rain of course. *sigh* Well, luckily I got a bit of walking before that though. Now that I'm back, the sun is shining again. I don't get it. It's like a protest to me being outside. A couple of weeks ago I spent a lazy Sunday just like this one with H and S walking around the islands of Stockholm. That's where this picture was made.

lördag 9 maj 2009


It's not something I think about alot, but the other day me and H talked about boobs. Shapes, sizes, real vs. fake, who's got them and not. Not much more to it than that but you have to be of the female gender to understand. We agreed on that french women often have great ones. I wonder why? Scarlett Johansson seems to have a nice pair too.

fredag 8 maj 2009


Tomorrow I'm invited to a dinner so tonight I'm staying in, doing what I like almost most of all - watch movies (notice the plural). I'm starting off with a half classic, "Panic room" (classic in the sense I've seen it a dozen times).


It's Friday right?! That's what I told myself when I got back fro work and decided to go windowshopping. Riiiight. There's one that never works out. I found a most adorable scarf that I made mine (aaaall mineee...), I found a pair of those white sneakers I've been looking for (picture, real cheap too) and a nice casual tee from Zara. I'm so happy! :D

torsdag 7 maj 2009

I totally get the point of chicklit

Helping out

Hmmm... My friend is in pain, lovetrouble, and I wish I could be there to comfort her. Love sucks sometimes, I know it, and I also know that you want people around to talk to and help you to think about other stuff too. So I do what I can via MSN and Skype. I know she would do the same.

onsdag 6 maj 2009

The reader

Oh what a heavenly evening. It was all spent reading. ALL. And a new piece is in the mail.

tisdag 5 maj 2009


Well yesterday was gone fast, I slept aaaall evening. Litterally. I got home from work, sat on the couch and read for a bit and felt sleepy so I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, it was a quarter to ten at night! Hahahaha! Today I've been better, I took a long walk as I got home that did me good. Now I'm gonna file a report to the railway company to try to get a refund on my ticket. The train was once again late. About 1,5 hours. Catastrophy. Like I don't have better things to do that sit on their rotten train with a bunch of teenage guys around me playing violent games on their computers. *Humpf*

söndag 3 maj 2009

Here I go again

May is here and with this month comes summer, hopefully, for real. I'm going back to Stockholm today and tomorrow is back to work. It feels alright, I've had some very relaxing days up here. I'm happy I took some hours to clean up my room before I left so that I now can come home to a tidy place. Won't stay that way for long though, if I know myself well. My goal now is to really start running outside, more than once a week, to achieve my goal of beach 2009 ;) The winter has given me some unwanted weight. No ideeea how. ;)

lördag 2 maj 2009


Astrid Lindgren wrote some of the best children's books of all times, I don't think anyone disgrees. And most of the books have been translated into movies aswell. Those I love above all, most of them are extremely entertaining also as an adult. One of the very best is Ronja Röverdotter (Ronja the robber's daughter) and the music in it is just amazing. Here are some examples for you, enjoy!


The afternoon is getting cloudier but up until now the day has been just as warm as yesterday. We started out going to the second hand shop and I found a cool leather belt. I wanted to find a cheap and ugly bike to bring back home (cause the nice ones get stolen) but didn't find anything suitable. Maybe I can find a cheap piece in Stockholm. That's harder though, concidering the competition.

The sun takes me miles away, to places where the sun doesn't disappear behind clouds. Ever.

fredag 1 maj 2009

Thai thai

One of the perks about being the baby of the family is being treated to delicious dinners. Like today when we went out for thai food. I love it, always great. And then a quick visit to the bakery to pick up somthing sweet for coffee at home. Ahhh, what a day it has been, so warm like never before this year. I mean I was out in a top and shorts! And this is Sweden people, in April, doesn't happen alot. So, I'm happy about that. And the fact that I'm off and get to enjoy it (unlike last weekend). Tomorrow I wanna go to that enormous second hand shop here in town and hopefully make some cheap finds. Yay I love rummaging through old stuff! (Weird?)