fredag 22 maj 2009

A great day, a great weekend

Yesterday was an awesome day. I was off, like most Thursdays, they had predicted rain but we had sun all day. Me and B went to have lunch in the city, in Södermalm one of Stockholm's nicest islands. We went for italian salads with lots of bread and olive oil, just like it should be. As we strolled off we slipped into a second hand shop with a bunch of stuff we wanted to try on, unfortunatly they were just closing so we only bought one piece each ;)

We then decided to have coffee and B suggested Fåfängan, an awesome café high up with a view over Djurgården and Gamla stan in the pouring sun. Life at that point couldn't get any better. In the late afternoon we strted walking back in towards Slussen, via Fjällgatan (if you know it you know what I mean) and as we got there we decided to just keep walking up to Sveavägen, which was where we were going. Now we were starting to get hungry again so the first thought was to eat (some more) but we came up with the brilliant idea to cook at her place and watch a movie. So we did. An awesome day and a just as great evening ended in bed at around 0:30. I was full, happy and tired.

Today I worked but it was worth it as I got to get on the train and head off to my brother's after to meet him and the family and my parents, also visiting. I will have a great weekend - too!

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