fredag 29 maj 2009

Day 2

On the couch with a cold beer beside me, nice. I sound like an old couchpotato but it's so great to relax and drink good when the sun is heavy and we have been walking around for hours and hours. We saw an old castle and behind it was an even nicer garden park. We sat down and relaxed from the midday heat before we walked down along the Milan high fashion shopping street Via Monte Napoleone. I needn't say I didn't buy anything in Dior or Gucci.

But before we reached the tram to take us home we took a round or two in our side of the shopping strokes. I found a nice t-shirt and a very cute top aswell as some kickass heels ;) And not to forget, real cute earrings! D is calling from the kitchen, I have to help cook dinner, but, la vita è bella qui in Milano!

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