torsdag 28 maj 2009

Bienvenuti a mi vita milanese

So I'm finally here, in Milano, Italia! It is hot hot hot and I'm sweating so much I don't even have to go to the bathroom but I'm loving every bit of it (of course, I'm swedish = a sun worshipper). Milano is more than anything known for the fashion business so what did we do most of today? That's right, we went shopping. But I didn't spend all my income and I can still go a round ;)

It is after all also a very beautiful city and the dome "Il Duomo" is breathtaking, like most of the ancient italian buildings. We had some ice cream to cool off and of course also the best ice cream is italian. For lunch we had pasta (duh!) and for dinner?? It is being made as I write and I'm not sure but it could Pictures will be posted when I'm back home since I don't have the camera cable with me, but I'm sure you'll live ;)

Ciao ragazzi!

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