tisdag 26 maj 2009

A dinner to remember

Last night we had a swedish dinner for our former dorm mate B and his wife visiting from India. Oh my word, it was better than good, all the swedish specialties - fresh potatoes, different kinds of hering, knäckebröd, meatballs, coctail sausages, blueberry pie, banana cake, kanelbullar, real indian dessert mead by B's wife S and more to all that. I was so full in the end that I couldn't move but to my bed and fall asleep. Great night finally.

B and S showed us pictures from their wedding last June. It was very interesting to hear them talk about it and explaining the ceremony to us oblivious westerners ;). Like the fact that they had only met two weeks before the wedding and had never even touched eachother before they were actually married... I must admit that it was strange to hear these things and at the same time they looked so in love and just like any other western couple who'd been together for years before THEY decided to get married. Well, you learn very interesting things hanging out with people from a different background than your own. Do it people.

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