fredag 13 februari 2009

Single me

Friday and last workingday of the week. Yay. I have no plans this weekend for a change. Usually something turns up though. But, tomorrow is Valentine's day, this over-comercial pink day, and the papers are full of tip's on where to go with your sweetheart to have dinner or what to buy him/her. Some days it just sucks being single (sometimes it's great though). I wish I would get a card with hearts on it and maybe a rose or some chocolate or simply a hug from someone dear... I got cheered up earlier though when I was buying myself a delicious danish for dessert and the guy gave it to me for free :) A pure salestrick probably but I totally bought it. Maybe it's all my own fault though, I haven't given guys much interest or attention lately. I've mostly been thinking of me and just me. Maybe that's what being single is all about.

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