måndag 2 februari 2009

A day not like others

Last day of freedom and I used it well. It was the perfect day off. I got up when I felt like it and was greeted by a shining sun, just that made my day. When you, like us here in the north, don't see the sun for months and months, it gives you an enormous boost to have warm rays pour over your face. It's not for nothing Swedes are called "sun worshippers". So I made a list of the things I could take care of on a day like this. I always make lists, I'm that person. I got registered at the university and took care of all the officevisits that demanded, I put up notes to sell some university literature that I don't need and for sure will never read again, I went to the city to get some errands made (nice errands I might add, that allowed me to look at pretty things ;) ), I stumbled upon a piece that was half off the salesprice (!!!). I could't leave it there all alone, it wanted me, it needs me (not the other way around), so yes, I bought it for myself. But being so cheap it didn't do any great damage to my account.

I just finished my book last night and was to start a new one today. The plan was that whenever I was done with what I had to do, I would find myself a calm and cosy café with comfy big chairs to snuggle up in and read my new book :). And I did just that. By accident I found the perfect café, behind a small shop in Gamla stan (the old part of the Stockholm), a bit hidden and I never knew before that it existed. A perfect surprise. In a cellar, dimmed lights, jazzmusic in the background and cosily decorated. I found my chair in the back, in a corner, with a blanket, waiting for me. I bought a big cup of tee and stayed reading for more than two hours. I felt happy.

On my way home I bought some food at the chinese shop (love my China noodles) and went home to get dressed for the gym. Now I have had dinner and watch some "Lipstick jungle". I feel relaxed and ready for work tomorrow. More days like this would be nice, but not too soon.

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Linda sa...

Det lät som en lyckad dag, skulle gärna gjort dig sällskap på det där caféet!/ från en sliten trebarnsmor