lördag 25 juli 2009

Got room?

Saturday it is. I watched two more Harry Potter movies last night, alone though, cause B is off on vacation now and we won't see eachother for about 3 weeks. I think I might have to go see the latest one alone, unless I can wait... The sun is shining outside but they say it's gonna rain. Don't know what to think. My whole family is on the coast. And I'm stuck here. Feeling extremely jealous.

Me and my firend J went for an afterwork yesterday and had a delicious new form of Sushi at Ljunggrens roof terrace, very good "Hot Sushi" meaning spicy deepfried Sushi. Harry Potter had me up til 3 in the morning so today I had a good long sleep. Did I ever say I love to sleep? Soon hopefully in a better and nicer bedroom. The hunt for an appartment keeps me occupied.

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