tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Germany calling


I just clicked home some more tickets. Traintickets this time, and not for going abroad but back home. The last weekend of this month will be spent with family and my precious little ones :) I can't wait. This coming weekend though, I am meeting S that I lived with for a while in Berlin. She's here to visit Stockholm with a friend for the first time and of course we're meeting up. Unfortunatly I am working this weekend so I'll only have time nighttime, but I think they'll be busy enough with sightseeing daytime anyway. And if I'm not misstaken, E said something about Singstar on Friday? *cough*

Another surprise is D's visit in December. We haven't seen eachother for 2 years now, when he was last in Stockholm. That's a working weekend too but we'll use the evenings to the max instead. I'll make sure we have plenty of options :)

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