torsdag 26 mars 2009

Told ya

Well I'm gonna say it to myself - I told you so. I got a new dress today. Don't ask why, just accept. I have and also the fact that this might not be the last one before I actually leave. I know myself too good. The new one is purple, pretty much the same cut and will work with the same accessories as the blue one. Enough to that. Pictures will be posted shortly.

I had a delicious lunch with B today and after that I walked around in the very warm and bright spring sun. I got so inspired I bought some sandals, real cute, I'll be wearing them in Italy next week. I can't believe it's already next week, I'm so excited and I can't wait to see another, I guess more "real", part of Italy. So far I've only been to Rome which is an amazing place (go there for an unforgettable weekend if you haven't yet!), but it's very touristic and I have learned that you see the more real sides of a country outside of the big cities. Hopefully I'll be travelling soon again. It's been so long now and my mind wanders...

I tried to find some new sunglasses today but it's hard to find a pair that suits me, well that I like. I like these ones on the picture, Ray Ban style. Maybe I can find some knock offs in Italy ;)

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