söndag 11 januari 2009

Sundayblues what?

Last night girls night. We cooked, we ate and we watched a movie - hammer combination. I intrduced them to one of my favourite movies, "Before sunrise", love it. And now we can look forward to seeing the second part "Before sunset" :) I was gonna post some pictures but I just realized I left the camera cable at my parent's, so I'll have to wait until it arrives by post.

This day was spent chatting away and drinking lots of coffee with A. It's been way to long since last time and it was great seeing her again. We promised to keep it up better this semester, I hope we can. And K, another of my best friends, is doing an internship here in Stockholm this semester so I'll be getting to see her too much more from now on, I'm so happy!

Now it is really time for me to go get a new membership at the gym, and I will.

Have a great Sunday folks!

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