söndag 18 januari 2009

A nerd I am

Yesterday I went secondhand shopping, to find some nice pieces cheap. But, I didn't find much, I tried a long jacket and thought about the possibilities to redesign it myself but gave up after realizing that there wasn't much to do about it. And that I'm not that great at sewing. The last section I cheked was the litterature section. And bingo. I found two dictionaries that are now all mine :) One German-German biggie with more than I'll ever learn and one rather new Spanish-Swedish, my old one pretty much sucks, it's very thin.

This was a treasure to find for a language nerd like myself and to such a small amount (45 and 65 SEK)! Do you people know how much a decent dictionary costs nowadays? Alot! In fact the newest edition of the German dicitonary I bought costs around 480 Swedish crowns, about 48 Euros! So, as you can see I made a great deal. I'm already using the spanish one while watching a (spanish, duh!) movie :)

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