tisdag 6 januari 2009

The day that is today

Last day up north. Later today I take the train back to the big city. Enough to that.

On Sunday we went to have Sushi, yumm! I can't emphazise enough how much I love it and I alos love that a Sushi restautant makes it in this town. Yesterday I saw a drea old friend, one of those that you've known "like forever". It's s good feeling to have those people that you have shared so much with. And we talked and laughed about a bunch of things we have shared hahaha. Old pictures can make your day, hilarious!

Yesterday afernoon me and my sister went spa:ing a bit, sooo relaxing and a perfect ending to these two weeks. Then dinner at her house and some last snuggling witht he baby. They went skiing today and I'm supposed to be studying. I will. And my companion is the Veronica Mars marathon on TV :)

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