söndag 28 juni 2009


Little did I know that I was going sailing! S has a boat, that's all I knew, but a sailingboat!? Nope, didn't cross my mind. But that's what we were going to do and me and H had never saild before so we were up for an adventure. But man it was fun! An not as hard as you might think, S gave us clear instructions where to pull and where to duck, when to push and when to release. And we did it, we made it to an island in the archipelago and stayed for a while, eating, sunbathing and me and H had the first swim of the summer.

As the sun never sets in summer here it was still warm and sunny at 20:00 when we arrived back at port and we decided to have dinner together. So we went to S's new and awesome apartment on Södermalm (right in the neighbourhood where I wanna live!) and he cooked us an authentic italian dinner with appertivo, pasta and fresh fruit dessert. Rounding up we took off into the warm night and went to Debaser's outdoor hang out, one of the best ones in summer.

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