lördag 29 november 2008

Gray day

Saturday. Weekend. Doesn't feel any different from Thrusday when I was off. The weather sucks and feel stressed like I have to do something even though I don't. I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop lisening to Lugna Favoriter, a swedish radiostation that playes "calm favourites". Not my favourites. But I'm not in the mood for anything fast, so calm it is.

I heard tomorrow is first of advent. I can't believe it, I mean, where the heck did November go?? If I should be stressed about something it should be just that, that time seems to dissappear without me doing anything I can remember. Sounds like I have a downer day but I don't think I do actually. I'm generally a happy person.

B told me more about her plans to go abroad. I love it, great great great idea, I am all for. But. Again the but. I want to too. Even more when I hear stuff like that. I tell myself that it's healthy to want thing even if you never get them. I am soooo healthy.

I should go make myself a nice big weekend lunch with a bit of everything that lies in my fridge. The little things we do to make the gray everyday a bit brighter.

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