söndag 13 september 2009


I forced myself up in almost normal time today. I gotta be fit for work tomorrrow. I doubt I will be, but what choice do I have. Ever since I lived in The States I haven't had any real urge to go back there. I've still loved to travel but I've kept to other parts of the world. I guess I kinda just felt I had got enough for a while. But in the last year and a half or so I've started thinking about it again, about all the memories, people, sights, places, smells and tastes. I felt like going back again. So when A asked me to come with her to NY there was really only one option. And it's NY! You are crazy if you say no to that ;) It was an amazing forever-to-remember experience and I hope to go back some day, sooner or later. But, now I am stuck with this US-feeling, triggered by all those memories that were awakened. I can't quite put my finger on it, I wanna be there but at the same time not. There's one to figure out. If I was rich enough to be able to go whenever I wanted that would be ideal. But I'm not, so I'm gonna have to plan a new biggie. Hopefully soon.

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