lördag 12 september 2009

I'm moving in

I haven't outed it yet - I'm moving! Yes, I finally found an appartment, and a great one I might add :) A good size 2-roomer just for me, even a balcony! I'm overly excited and in just three weeks I get to move in. Except packing down my life, these three weeks will be spent planning how to decorate and arrange my new home. It's a tricky task as I'm not sure how everything will fit and match. But it's great fun to think about and also to figure out what new pieces I need to get. Like a couch - colour? size? shape? feeling? comfort?

2 kommentarer:

Linda sa...

Kul! Räkna med att jag kommer! Kramar storasyster

Emma sa...

Jaaaa det måste du!! Och fixa Skypen nu!