söndag 6 september 2009

New York times 2

There hasn't really been much time to relax here, why would there be. But today we had a day of forced calm, as we had to check out of the hostel to go check in to the next one. For a few hours we had to wait until check in time at 15:00 so we hung out in Central Park with our luggage. The city is hot and our feet are hurting from all the walking. But it is still a great feeling somehow, you can imagine.

Yesterday we had a day with Nate and Adam, the guys who invited us for breakfast (well, coffee), and we walked along Central Park west down to Columbus circle and Broadway. Randomly we ended up in a swedish café called AQ Kafé which stands for Aquavit Kafé :) They had Knäckebröd and Lingonberry soda which Anna and me just had to try. Of course we were invited for everything, the american way but also the way we're not used to, kinda feels akward. But hey, who's complaning. Later we continued down to Times square which is, for all you who haven't been there, just something else. There's no way to exactly describe it, it's massive. In the afternoon Anna and I got an offer in the street about cheap manicures and pedicures. Well obviously we had to do it. So we treated ourselves to both and left with beautiful feet and hands :)

For dinner we had Sushi, delicious, half price since the restaurant was newly opened. Greenwich Village showed us a good time later and today, well I just told you. I'll upload pictures later, now we're off to eat and then take the Staten Island ferry by night - Statue of Liberty here we come!

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