lördag 5 september 2009

New York times

New York New York! Wow - what to say!? This city is more than just a city, it's a whole world of it's own and I'm already in love. Yesterday ws a loooong day, flying first Stockholm - London and then another 8 hours London - New York. But hey entertained us well, everybody had their own TV screen in the backrest of he seat infront of you, with a wide selection of movies and TV series of your choice. And the company was fun too, a whole jewish family going back home from a wedding in London. I think at least half of all passengers on the plane had two long curls hangning down on each side of their face and a small black hat on the top of their head.

When we finally arrived at JFK airport we had a 45 minute subway ride to get us to the hostel we had no real idea where to find. An adress in our papers, Upper west side, ad a walk down from Broadway. We found it and fell into bed right away. It was around 23:00local time but in Sweden 05:00! Even though, we woke up around 07:00 (local time) and took us straight up to Central park where we met our first Swedes. I gotta say, I thought NY would be a safe place to speak Swedish but no, they (we, I guess) are everywhere! The sun was already hot and we bought us some bagles and lattes and sat down in the park. Nice, you can imagine. Then we walked down te park, visited Strawberry Fields and saw John Lennon's "Imagine" memory mark and a guy being arrested for smoking weed ;) The guy had a whole plant with him hahaha We continued down Broadway, went up the Rockefeller building and had the most amazing view I have ever seen in my life. I'll show you. All of Manhattan was at our feet and we could pont out all the famous spots in NY.

We got hungry somewhere at midday and went to have Sushi, so good! Then a Mocha Frappuchino at Starbucks to put it all in place and we strolled down to the United Nations and had a look at some exhibitions. Now we are back at the hostel (from ....) and are resting (since our bodies are still living swedish time which means 03:00). The plan is to hit Downtown a bit later and check out NY by night. But, we have to get up early since we have a breakfast date :) Some guys we met at Satrbucks (caused by A's intense flirting ;) invited us to come with them to have breakfast tomorrow. Sounds like a good deal, they might even be nice.

NY has given us a load on our first day. We can't even imagine wha the rest of this week will be like! Pictures will come as soon as I can upload. See ya!

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Bella sa...

Emma! Det låter fantastiskt! Skriv mer så att vi får veta vad du gör! Kram Bella