tisdag 9 december 2008

Bossing around

Now I finally got myself a ticket back home for christmas. I had to pay full price for the first time, not with a student discount like before. I don't study enough this semester to get that privilige. It sucks getting older.

My boss turned up more or less unannounced at work today. We had heard the rumour but weren't 100 % sure. Suddenly there he was, with a big bag of Danish :) It was a rather calm and easy meet and greet, he was really on his way south and just stopped by the capital to visit us shortly. Luckily. Mean I know, but I don't like the feeling of having someone checking my work behind my back.

I had a long talk with D tonite, I needed it. It's nice to just unload to good friends sometimes when alot is going on and she understands me very well. She's an excellent amateur therapist ;)

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