måndag 1 december 2008

Got nothin'

Yep, I had another day off, unwillingly. Days off can be cool, but that's when you know that there is something waiting for you the rest of the days. I am not so sure right now. These times of transition suck, they make me insecure and I feel stressed about nothing. I still haven't heard from the new comapny, only that "these things take time" and "we get back to you as soon as possible". Right.

I did do something productive though. I studied for the exam I have in a few weeks. It is an exam in translation so it isn't that easy to study for, I do execise translations. That'll do. There is really not much else I can do right now. I am broke out of my pants. Don't have a nickle over for fun. *Sigh* I'm not sure how I will survive this month. I just hope I can start that new job soon and make two salaries for next payday.

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