måndag 29 december 2008

Shopping Östersund

Did a little shoppingtrip to the city today. Alone as it turned out, my sister wasn't feeling on top. I did the round more than once and came back with two t-shirts from BikBok. On sale of course, as alot of things right now after Christmas. But lots of it isn't worth a glance, I get the feeling that they put up old stuff from older seasons that nobody bought.

I was looking for some jewlery, like bracelets and a ring but found nothing. Better so, I can probably find more of what I want in Stockholm. It is after all, alot bigger ;) I didn't stay that long though, it's real cold today, around -12 degrees, brrrr. My small leather gloves didn't help one bit against these polarwinds. But I still prefer this to the "no-snow-cold" in our capital called my home. Any day. And I didn't find that leather jacket I want. I guess it still hasn't reached the outback ;)

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