torsdag 11 december 2008

Crêpes voila!

Another day of ONLY studying. I'm sorry to bore you all, I should write about more fun stuff. Just, there isn't that much fun going on at the moment. I am working and studying paralell and I am lucky to squeeze in something else in the rest of my time.

A time like last nite. I went to N's goodbye-party, she's moving back to France, and we all ate thousands of selfdesigned Crêpes! So good, especially since we could put anything we wanted on them so it turned into an orgie of Crêpes and fillings! I brougt Kinder chocolate (yumm!) and Nutella and I wasn't the only one t think sweet so I ended up bringing home alot of Nutella again and now I'm looking for recepies with Nutella so that I can use it somehow. Maybe I'll make a Crêpes fiesta here at home ;)

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