fredag 19 december 2008

Model for a day

Yesterday I had a new experience. I got to be a "model". It sounds quite cheesy, and it was. My friend H got an offer through a friend from an event firm called The Studio to "be a model for a day". We would get to do this for free to promote this firm. For free, sure. She invited me and S to go do this model thing.

It took more than four hours. Stylists did our makeup, the hair we had to do ourselves (if you pay like normal people they do that for you too) which kind of ruined the thing. I mean, I can't really "style" my hair any different than usual. I grabbed a curling iron and turned my head into a curl inferno. Oh well. After a little while of waiting in the white leather couches we were called by a photographer who took us to a room full of different settings and backdrops. We had two outfits each and she shot us one after tha other in our different pants, skirts and tops.

The photographing itself was quite fun. The result not so much. We got to sit down and look at eachother's pictures together. None of us were especially impressed but we were offered to buy as many pictures as we liked. We had about 70 photos each to choose from but they were expensive as heck so we bought between 2-4 each.

It was fun even tough the photos didn't exactly turn out well. I guess that might depend on me not being so photogenic rather than the photographer being bad. I'll give you a look soon.

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