fredag 19 december 2008

Last working day

Last day of the working week. Do you get it?? Last day!! Tonite party with L who is moving back to Germany. I'll miss her, she's been here for quite a while now, like 1,5 years. Oh well, I have one more friend in beloved Berlin now ;).

I can't wait to go back home to winter wonderland and just be. Ok, I will have to study a bit but it's ok because I'm home :). I long for Christmas food, sweets and my babies, I want the old and rugged mini-santas that lack both hair and bodyparts nowadays. But they have always been there and always have to be. So on Sunday the 21st I will arrive in Östersund at 13:45. I'll see you there!

2 kommentarer:

Linda sa...

Välkommen hem din gamla julnostalgiker! Puss/Linda

emma sa...

Ha! Som att du inte gillar jul! Och gammal är jag inte heller...