lördag 13 december 2008


Weekend finally and again. The weeks fly by which of course is both good and bad. I'm excited that it's only one more week before I get to go home to the family but it makes me a bit stressed that I don't have more time to study. So as u can see, everything is like always :)

Last nite we went to I's housewarming party to celebrate and see her great new appartment on Götgatan (noooot jealous...) She pulled out her magic box with "ears" of all kinds and everybody loved them. This is me and M in our cute ears.

Today is of course LUCIA, one of Sweden's biggest Christmas traditions, and me, B and some others are going to see our friend sing with her choir and have some tomtegröt :) I'm excited because this for sure gives you a good Christmas spirit and I need and want that.

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